This Serum Kit Worked Some Serious Dewy Magic On My Acne-Prone Skin


It's rare that I find a new range of skincare products that visibly improves my complexion and doesn't make me break out, which is why I feel genuinely excited to write this Intraceuticals Retouch serums review. I'm one of those people who wants to love their skin so hard and spoil it with all of the newest creams and oils and masks and sprays, but my skin prefers the simple life and responds best to brands like Cetaphil and Olay. Is this ultimately more cost-effective for me? Yes. But do I sometimes wish I could get in on all of the incredible products I write about on the daily? Absolutely. Intraceuticals' new line of serums has allowed me to do just that and I've got say, my skin is loving this taste of the high life.

Ever since I graduated from high school I've struggled with regular breakouts. Sometimes that means a few rogue spots here and there and other times it means painful cystic pimples scattered across my cheekbones and chin. Through lots of trial and error I've come to discover that a routine of Cetaphil's Daily Facial Cleanser ($9.50,, a prescription Retin-A cream, and a super basic drugstore moisturizer with SPF is what works best in terms of keeping my acne at bay, although I've certainly experimented with introducing more luxury products into my routine every now and again. Most of the time this has resulted in breakouts, flakiness, or excess oil production, so I've pretty much all but stuck to my basic routine. Why, then, did I decide to give this new Retouch line a try? I knew that Intraceuticals was the brand behind the celeb-favorite oxygen facial, so I figured if it was good enough for Miranda Kerr and Susan Sarandon it was good enough for me to try.

The Retouch line features five separate serums that you can combine to your liking based on you individual skin needs. They all focus on one main goal: intense hydration. I've been using all five in conjunction with one another every night and my skin has honestly never been dewier or brighter. The best part? I haven't had a single irregular breakout since I began using the line about three weeks ago, which is huge for me.

The star product in the Retouch line is undoubtedly the Hyaluronic Base Serum ($69,, which is formulated with hyaluronic acid (the buzziest beauty ingredient of 2019) and hydrates the F out of your skin. I reach for it ask soon as I exit the shower and dab a few drops of it all over my face, and I think its 90% to thank fo my skin's newfound glow. Unlike other hyaluronic aced-based products I've tried it has a slightly viscose texture to it, so you can literally feel its hydrating properties. If there's one serum from the range I'd recommend you buy, it's this one.

The other serums include Retouch Lines, Retouch Eyes, and Retouch Lift, which all boast names indicative of what each product targets, as well as Retouch Highlight. I love the highlighter because it not only imparts a super natural shimmer to your skin but also quells redness and boasts soothing properties.

Seeing as Intraceuticals serums typically cost around $150, the Retouch line is super affordable. Each individual serum will run you $69, while the entire kit of five can be purchased for $289.