This Game Of Would You Rather Is What Your Next Dinner Party Needs

As much as we love a good dinner party, we're of the belief that the traditional cocktails/dinner/conversation routine could use a little shaking up.

And what better way to shake things up than by posing thought-provoking questions intended to get people chatting, debating, and getting oh-so-real?

Enter: Would You Rather.

Yes, you read that correctly. We all remember Would You Rather as the sleepover staple that inevitably ended in an eruption of giggles and blushing. But here's the good (and somewhat surprising) news: Would You Rather is actually the perfect game to pull out at your next ~classy~ dinner party.

We teamed up with Cupcake Vineyards to create an updated version of everyone's favorite throwback party game to break the ice and spice things up at your next soirée. The best part about our take on Would You Rather? The scenarios are so delightfully whimsical that no matter which option you end up choosing, we can guarantee uncontrollable laughter, friendly debating, and a dose of joy all around.

So pour the wine, serve the apps, and pull out this game for a dinner party that your guests won't soon forget.

Talk about a win-win situation. Personally, we'd have to go with the wine fridge, just because of the whole "self-refilling" part, but a free-for-all vending machine is also something we've been dreaming of for as long as we can remember.

Whether your fave celebrity is a runway model fashionista or an all-star athlete, it'd be pretty sweet to get a peek inside his or her closet for a day. Although we could all probably benefit from the expert recommendations of a personal stylist...

Here's where things get a little more, ahem, complicated. Choosing between a fabulous vacation with your nagging boss and a weeklong cage-cleaning endeavor with your wonderful bestie is a lose-lose situation. Or is it win-win? We can't really tell.

Let the debating commence!

OK, officially getting hives now. The thought of pronouncing your ex and his/her spouse happily ever after is almost as absurd as coming clean to all your past crushes (hot teachers included).

Can we get a pass on this one?

Ah, the idea of having a chef or bartender on hand is an absolute dream...except, that is, when it comes with stipulations.

Here's the thing, though: A lot of health foods are really delicious and good mocktails can sorta, kinda pass for the real thing, so if we're being honest, we wouldn't put up a fight about either of these.

Well, we saved the hardest one for last. Sometimes picking between two good options is actually harder than picking between two bad ones.

Is "giving all the dogs in the world good homes while working tirelessly for the rest of our lives to save the whales" a valid option?! We choose that one.

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