You Could Win A Free Funyuns Flamin' Hot Box This Weekend With This Spicy Giveaway

Courtesy Of Frito-Lay

Back in the day, my ideal afternoon consisted of hopping off the school bus with my bestie, turning on cartoons, and bringing a big bag of Funyuns to the couch to munch on. But nowadays after a long day of work, all I want is a glass of wine, a Funyuns Flamin' Hot Box all to myself, and a Broad City marathon playing in the background. And if all of that makes for your perfect idea of an evening, you should probably try to get in on this Funyuns Flamin' Hot Box giveaway for 4/20. It looks rad beyond belief.

On Saturday, April 20, diehard Funyuns fans will be have a chance to win free Funyuns Snack Boxes for themselves. According to Frito-Lay, it will include bags of Original Funyuns, Flamin' Hot Funyuns, a few pairs of sunglasses, and most importantly, a couple of snack bowls, and honestly, I couldn't think of any other way I'd want to kick back and relax. To win one for you and all your friends (or just for you) all you have to do is check their Twitter and Instagram pages for instructions this weekend. The winner will be notified same-day, and will receive the prize later in the week. Regardless of how you decide to enjoy it, the complimentary Funyuns Flamin' Hot Box will definitely make for a solid weekend celebration. I can already feel it.

Courtesy Of Frito-Lay

If you don't win anything online, though, you're not necessarily SOL. In fact, you'll have a chance to snag free bags of Funyuns in-person. The brand will also have snack trucks driving around and handing out Original and Flamin' Hot Funyuns on Saturday, April 20, according to an email from the company. It will definitely come in clutch for warding off any hunger pangs, and for filling your weekend with all of the delicious, crunchiness you could possibly want. There is, however, a catch to snagging these glorious freebies IRL.

Sadly for East Coasters seeking out a delicious onion-flavored feast, the Funyuns truck will only be driving around Los Angeles, California, according to the brand. It will be stopping in all of the most popular neighborhoods, such as Downtown Los Angeles, Hollywood, and by the Venice Boardwalk. It would be an honor to stop by one of them, and if you're a West Coast babe, be sure to stay on the lookout for it.

I, personally, have not tried Flamin' Hot Funyuns for myself (shocking, I know). But I'm really hoping they're somewhat comparable to Doritos Flamin' Hot. If you haven't tried these glorious creations, each triangular bite tastes like a spicy nacho chip. It gets progressively hotter with a super spicy finish, and the taste lingers. It's really tasty, especially if you prefer your snacks to be hot, hot, hot, and I definitely do. Bottom line: Flamin' Hot Funyuns are definitely up there on my list of snack foods to try this weekend.

There's no better weekend partner-in-crime than a Funyuns Flamin' Hot Box. Don't forget to enter to win one for yourself on April 20, because missing out would be a seriously hungry tragedy.