An exclusive clip from 'Floribama Shore' Season 3, Episode 6 shows a major fight.

Gilsa Stans Should Start Preparing For An Epic 'Floribama Shore' Throwdown


Floribama Shore may have recently started a brand new season, but the housemates are already back to their same old massive fights and wild drama. As always, at the center of the latest blowup are Nilsa Prowant and Gus Smyrnios, the house's on-again, off-again pair who are definitely leaning more toward the "off" recently. And things are only going to get tougher for the two, as revealed in this new Floribama Shore Season 3, Episode 6 clip. The video shows an explosive physical altercation that sends Nilsa running off into the night.

Things between Nilsa and Gus have been more complicated than ever in Floribama Shore Season 3. In Season 2, the two had a steamy yet turbulent flirtation that kept viewers thinking they might officially become a couple, but it never panned out. Things got even more troubling when Gus started dating Lisa at the beginning of Season 3, and even though that couple has since called it quits, things with Nilsa don't seem to be any less tricky.

In the exclusive clip from the Thursday, Dec. 12, episode, "Hog Senses," Gus gets into a fight with a guy Nilsa brings home. Both Gus and Nilsa have brought people home after nights out in the past, but clearly Nilsa's companion rubbed Gus the wrong way and the two began grabbing and pushing one another, prompting the reality show's crew to step in and pull them apart. It's not super clear what prompted the fight, but it definitely sent shockwaves throughout the house, as Nilsa bolted out the door, with all the girls chasing after her. Check out the exclusive clip for yourself below.

While fuming in the street, Nilsa bemoans the fact that nobody ever starts anything with the women Gus brings home, whereas her night was ruined because of Gus fighting with her date. As always, Aimee was able to sum up everyone's feelings about the whole situation best: "I do sympathize with Nilsa. She didn't ge any d*ck; she didn't get any pizza." Womp womp.

Find out what caused this fight and what went down afterward on the new episode of Floribama Shore, airing Thursday, Dec. 12, at 8 p.m. ET on MTV.