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An ARMY Noticed A Connection Between BTS' New Song & "Fake Love" That'll Blow Your Mind

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On Thursday, March 25, BTS made two huge announcements: They're getting ready to drop their fifth Japanese album BTS, The Best, and the record's lead single, "Film Out," will arrive in just a week. The same day, the septet gave fans a preview of their new track's music video with a teaser. While watching it, ARMYs couldn't help but notice the visuals looked brand new, but really familiar at the same time. Eventually, they realized the sneak peek matched many of the shots in the group's "Fake Love" music video. This fan theory connecting BTS' "Film Out" to "Fake Love" will make you question everything.

In case you're a new ARMY, here's what you need to know about BTS' music videos. Many of them take place inside a fictional universe called the Bangtan Universe, or BU. The seven members play their own characters in this storyline, which involves time travel and alternate timelines. You can tell which of BTS' MVs takes place in this world when you see "BU content certified by Big Hit Entertainment" underneath a video. Even when one of their visuals doesn't necessarily fit into this universe, BTS somehow finds a way to connect their visuals together by including similar imagery and symbols throughout them all.

"Film Out," a track Jungkook worked on with the J-pop rock act Back Number, doesn't have the BU tag in its video description, but fans are convinced it's connected to the world in BTS' "Fake Love" music video anyway.

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It all started when a Twitter user named @prkfairy shared a video that compared the two MVs, revealing many of the shots and scenery were similar. For example, the opening shot of "Film Out" that showed Jungkook standing in the middle of an empty room seemed like a callback to the "Fake Love" scene where Jin did the same thing.

Then, there's a scene of the septet huddled together looking at the camera in "Film Out" that reminded fans of the shot in "Fake Love" where the guys wore matching robes and masks. Both clips also had J-Hope crouching in front of a door.

The most similar scenes of all, however, was Jin and Jungkook both running toward the camera, seemingly in danger.

After watching the video, fans came to the conclusion "Film Out" takes place in a parallel universe, which would explain their connections without them taking place in the same universe.

If you're feeling skeptical or just want to see the connections yourself, check out the "Film Out" teaser and "Fake Love" music video below.

ARMYs will presumably get more answers when BTS' official "Film Out" music video arrives on Friday, April 2.