This Dolls Kill X Troll Dolls Collection Will Toy With All Your Nostalgic Emotions

Nostalgia is one of the most powerful things to tap into when it comes to fashion. '90s everything is and will forever be cool, and Paris Hilton-style tracksuits from the 2000s made a comeback just a few years ago, spurring mass excitement. The Dolls Kill x Good Luck Trolls collection will therefore undoubtedly hit a nerve with anyone over the age of fifteen, seeing as the little tiny-haired toys remained a mainstay in pop culture for decades after their creation in 1959. While the 2016 Trolls movie helped revive the creatures' popularity after a ten year lull, this collaboration is really for anyone who was introduced to the OG, non-animated version of Trolls. It's total magic and you're going to want everything.

Dropping today, April 5, the collaboration honors the 60th anniversary of Good Luck Trolls and includes 23 items inspired by them, their hair, and their belly gems. (Did anyone else ever dress up like a troll doll for Halloween?) Ranging from $12 to $85, its offerings range from skirts and dresses to graphic tees and bucket hats to a moto jacket featuring a rainbow fur collar. You can even score a clutch that looks like a giant Troll Doll and take your love for the toy to a whole other level.

Head over to Dolls Kill to shop the collection in full, but for a quick preview of some of my personal favorites (how does one even choose?!) scroll on.

A belly shirt with a gem-bellied Troll. Seems fitting, no? This would be a fun top to wear to whichever festivals you might have coming up.

Wear your emotions on your sleeve with this punky Troll tank. Perfect for those of you who religiously stick to an all-black everything uniform.

It might take you a second to see how this skirt relates to Troll Dolls, but once you see that its print was inspired by their hair it gets even more playfully cool.

Note to self: get pastel pink or purple hair and bedhed hair looks way cooler.

This dress is the only kind of hairy situation I want to be in. The lingerie-like top makes it feel extra special.

I must say, this dress reminds me of Bejweled just as much as it does Troll Dolls. Double the fandom, doubly covetable!

This jacket is the most expensive piece in the collection and it's easy to see why. Pink, green, yellow, and blue faux fur are patchworked together in collar form, creating a piece that's all kinds of colorful and cool.

The cutest underwear on the planet? Quite possibly so. These briefs look extremely comfy thanks to their thick waistband and boast a print of mini Trolls that you can't help but to smile at.

Bucket hats are a '90s staple, so you know they're currently in style. Pair them with a cute embroidered Troll motif and you've got an accessory that screams nostalgia.

Which piece is your favorite?