31 Little Things To Do Throughout December To Show Your SO How Much You Love Them

Lately, everyone I've been talking to keeps saying how busy they are. People everywhere seem to be busy with holiday shopping, busy with work, and busy with life #busy! In the hustle and bustle of December, most people are trying to fit in every holiday party, cross everything off their shopping lists, and maybe even fulfill that last New Year's resolution just in time to make a new one. If you're in a relationship, you likely always try to prioritize time with your partner, especially during this chaotic month. This December 2018 dating advent calendar will help you remind your honey that they're at the top of your list.

While fancy gifts are great, time is the greatest luxury, IMO. If you take a little time out of your day to do something kind for your partner, that's likely to go a really long way towards strengthening your relationship. Whether it's taking the time to make a reservation for dinner at their favorite spot, or simply tucking a note that says "You're great" into their pocket, there are endless ways to show your bae that you care. And for this month, here are exactly 31 ways to take a minute to do something kind for your partner and share the love, no matter how busy you are.


Saturday, Dec. 1

It's the freakin' weekend, so make a plan to take your honey out to the spot you had your first date. Maybe it was a drink at a bar, dinner at a swanky restaurant, or late-night tacos from a food truck. Whatever it is, the sentimental value will make your Saturday night super sweet.

Sunday, Dec. 2

On a cozy Sunday, perhaps you usually sleep in or head out for a late brunch, but today get up a bit earlier and go grab coffee for you and your babe. Since you probably know their usual order, showing up with caffeine and a kiss is a great way to start the day.

Monday, Dec. 3

"I just love Mondays," said no one ever. While your partner is back at work and slogging through their day, send them a text of your three favorite things about them. You most likely text throughout the day anyway, but make this one special and just about what you simply adore about them.

Tuesday, Dec. 4

Everyone has something they put off doing until they simply have to. For me, it's taking out the trash. (If someone offered to take out my trash every day, I would marry them.) Maybe your BF or GF hates doing the dishes, or loathes going grocery shopping. Whatever it is, take care of that thing for them. Trust me — they'll really appreciate the effort.

Wednesday, Dec. 5

It's hump day, so guess what you're going to do today? Perhaps you and your bae usually have sex on the weekends or find yourselves in a bit of a sexual rut. Today, make special effort to be romantic — light a candle, turn off your phones, and take some time to love on each other.

Thursday, Dec. 6

Post a great photo of them on social media. You probably already share photos of your date nights, or special occasions, or even mundane, everyday moments. But today, throw out a little appreciation post for your love, telling the world how great you think your person is.

Friday, Dec. 7

Make a plan — snag a dinner reservation, grab movie tickets in advance, arrange drinks with friends, etc. This seems super simple, but when you're settled into a relationship you might find that taking initiative and making a plan for a Friday night (instead of just doing whatever) will actually feel pretty special.


Saturday, Dec. 8

Whether Saturday is a work-free day for your babe or they're on that weekend grind, they'll likely really appreciate a little post-work massage. Maybe they sit at a desk and their neck aches, or wait tables or bartend and their feet are killing them. Whatever is hurting your honey, work it out with a little TLC.

Sunday, Dec. 9

Remember stamps? Go get one and write your honey a letter or a postcard so the next time they check their mail and are sifting through bills and junk mail, they'll see your lovely name and smile.

Monday, Dec. 10

Another Monday, another day back at it. But today, when your babe goes back to work, they'll find a little note from you that you managed to sneak into their bag/purse/coat pocket. Just a little sweet note that says some version of, "I love you."

Tuesday, Dec. 11

While you both are getting ready for work and scrambling to get out the door, take two minutes and make the bed. When you and/or your partner get back in it at the end of a long day, having a nicely made bed will be just simply luxurious.

Wednesday, Dec. 12

While the point of doing all these nice things is to bring you and your partner closer, absence can make the heart grow fonder, so the saying goes. Plan a girls or guys night for yourself and then encourage your boo to do the same!

Thursday, Dec. 13

While this one is very simple, it's super sweet. Thank your partner for something they've done for you in the past. Let them know you were thinking back to that vacation/Valentine's Day/time you had the flu and they cared for you, and that you really appreciate them. A little thanks goes a long way.

Friday, Dec. 14

You know your babe's favorite cocktail, but you might not know how to make it. Well, now's the time to learn! Instead of going out after a long week, stay in with your honey, roll up your sleeves, and make their favorite cocktail.


Saturday, Dec. 15

Playing games in relationships usually isn't a great thing, but playing literal games can be a great way to bond and spend time together. Take your babe to a bowling alley, ping pong bar, or arcade and let the games begin!

Sunday, Dec. 16

It can be really tough to leave your cozy bed on Sunday mornings... but you're hungry! Hop out and into the kitchen and whip up something super simple — toast, scrambled eggs, coffee — and bring it all back to bed!

Monday, Dec. 17

As the holidays approach, there's a chance your honey has a few more things on their holiday to-do list. Perhaps they have a few more gifts, or need to actually go and buy wrapping paper for the gifts they've already bought. Well, Mondays are for getting sh*t done, so go ahead and do one of the things on their list for them.

Tuesday, Dec. 18

Chances are, your partner has a favorite food, a culinary weakness, or an affinity for a particular snack. Whether it's chocolate, donuts, or black and white cookies, send their treat of choice to their office. It'll be up to them if they feel like sharing with their coworkers!

Wednesday, Dec. 19

You probably have a few holiday party invitations floating around the calendar for December, and you're probably bringing your partner along. While they likely enjoy your friends and coworkers, tell them they don't have to come to one of your parties. You can brave the work small talk without the security of a plus one, and your partner might be very relieved!

Thursday, Dec. 20

Even those who love the holidays might not enjoy decorating for the holidays. Today, liven up your bae's home space with a little holiday cheer! Hang up a wreath, string some twinkly lights, maybe hang a stocking, or simply light a pine-scented candle.

Friday, Dec. 21

Sending flowers is basically Romance 101, but instead of sending a fancy (read: expensive) arrangement to their office or apartment, take a simple bouquet to them yourself. If you think your honey might not be the type who loves flowers, bring them a bouquet of something else! A friend once gave me a bouquet of kale leaves for my birthday (because I love kale) and it was hilarious and perfect. So get creative with your romantic gesture!


Saturday, Dec. 22

Today, take some time to make space for your partner in your life — literally. Whether it's giving them a key to your apartment, giving them a shelf in the bathroom, or finally clearing out that drawer for their clothes, creating a place for their things in your space will mean a lot.

Sunday, Dec. 23

This Sunday, curl up with your babe under a cozy blanket, maybe light that pine-scented candle you brought over a few days ago, and watch your favorite holiday movies. You might have different favorite films, so enjoy a little holiday movie marathon and really get into the festive spirit.

Monday, Dec. 24

Whether you and your honey celebrate Christmas or not, you most likely can agree that some holiday songs are just irresistibly fun. While mixtapes are a thing of the past, curate a Spotify playlist of all your favorite holiday songs to share with your bae. That way, if you're celebrating together or separately this year, you can both be humming the same tune.

Tuesday, Dec. 25

Chances are, you remember the moment you fell in love with your partner. Whether it was a specific moment or a dawning realization, you probably remember what it was like to realize you're in love with someone. Go ahead — tell your partner the story. If they've never heard it or heard it a thousand times before, it's still a sweet memory to share.

Wednesday, Dec. 26

Baby, it's (probably) cold outside, so when you know your partner is a few minutes from shivering through the door, start a bath! Toss in some scented bubbles or a colored bath bomb, and direct your love straight to the tub so they can warm up and soak away the day.

Thursday, Dec. 27

Social media is a great way to stay in touch with your friends, follow influencers and celebrities, and get the latest news, but most importantly — it's a great way to see pictures and videos of cute animals. Tag your partner in an especially adorable or ridiculous photo of an animal doing something massively cute, and it'll for sure put a smile on their face.

Friday, Dec. 28

Maybe your babe has a specific snack they love munching on late at night, or while you're Netflix-ing the night away. Their apartment is likely stocked with said snack, but go ahead and let them know you've got a massive stash of their treat of choice at the ready. That will show them that you're thinking of them and thinking ahead.

Saturday, Dec. 29

This Saturday night, make it a date night. Not just a regular date night, but a dress-up date night. Throw on a dress and heels or a suit and tie and turn some heads. Alternatively, if you and your boo aren't together, maybe you're both visiting your families, make it a date night anyway — over FaceTime!

Sunday, Dec. 30

Today, let your boo choose. Let them choose what you guys watch on TV, where you go for dinner, and which New Year's Eve accessory they want to wear! Whether it's a silly party hat, or a tiara that says 2019 (gulp!), letting your honey take the wheel is a great way to let them know that you trust them and just want to be next to them.


Monday, Dec. 31

Make a resolution to keep doing little acts of love for your partner. While you might have many New Year's resolutions that could have to do with your work goals, personal life, or fitness, make a special promise to your partner to keep your love strong.

A little kindness can go a long way, and any of these sweet things will likely make your babe feel truly adored. Whether you spend the holidays together or apart, there are tons of ways to stay close. Send a sweet text, tuck a love note in their suitcase, or send their favorite treat to wherever they're celebrating this year. And with any luck, you might get some sweetness in return!