You Have To See How One Person's 'Black Mirror: Bandersnatch' Day On Twitter Actually Turned Out


If you happen to be a diehard Black Mirror fan like I am, there is a pretty likely chance that you already saw the full-length film, Black Mirror: Bandersnatch, which officially came to Netflix on Friday, Dec. 28. Now, I will try not to give anything away to any of you (because that would be incredibly sacrilege), but if you did happen to see the episode for yourself, you will probably get a total kick out of this comedian's Black Mirror: Bandersnatch day, which was entirely based off Twitter's decisions. It was seriously too funny.

Just after the holidays, Australian comedian, Becca Hill, was touring around London with her mother. And in total Black Mirror fashion, she decided to create her own Bec-A-Snatch Day (yes, just like the show's infamous T.V. movie, Bandersnatch). Her ode to the episode would allow for Hill's fans to make any and all decisions for her and her dear mother. The thread started out with a tweet which read,

Welcome to Bec-a-snatch. For one day, you have 5 mins to make each decision for me.

LOL. Check out the start to the thread below. TBH, it's honestly a pretty cute idea, but I'm not entirely sure I could stick to it. Could you?

Hill's first poll began started out with deciding on the single most important meal of the day: breakfast.

... so she went with the consensus.

Twitter then continued to dictate the entirety of Hill's morning, from choosing what she would listen to in the shower, to deciding on her outfit, and even choosing how she would speak to her mother. She made sure to snap a photo after each decision was made, to show she was actually taking Twitter's advice. Although it sounded a little grueling on her part, the Twitterverse seemed to have the comedian's best interest at heart. The mother-daughter duo appeared to be having a lovely time, sans any decision-making at all, whatsoever.

Things then took a slightly harrowing turn: Hill and her mother got separated. But instead of following those fight-or-flight instincts you usually feel when you're separated, Hill took the advice of her followers.

The consensus to "Cry," was not super helpful, though, so Hill polled them again. Thankfully, after a little crying and — finally — a phone call, they were reunited at long last by Borough Market's pork pie stand.


The comedian proceeded to poll her followers, prompting them to choose everything she would do with her mom. They decided on how she should document the day, how many drinks they should get, if they should tour The Globe theater, and if she should drink tea before bed. It was a pretty wild time, but it was the perfect ode to the show. TBH, I approved.

In case you haven't seen the movie, Black Mirror: Bandersnatch takes place in the '80s, and is all about how about how a computer programmer loses his sense of reality when he delves into a fantasy video game. The movie looks at what happens when people involve technology a little too much into their lives. There's even a pretty awesome interactive element, allowing viewers to choose their own ending, and IMO, it's definitely worth watching.

Don't get me wrong: The Black Mirror: Bandersnatch movie was totally awesome, but I definitely wouldn't want it to be my everyday reality. While Hill and her mother's day out in London seemed to be a total success, it would be pretty hard to have all your decisions chosen by Twitter. Luckily, though, it was only for a day, and Bec-A-Snatch has come to an end. Cheers to making your own decisions, friends.