I Tried Clarisonic's Skin Renewing Peel & Sonic Exfoliator & Here's How My Skin Reacted

Photo Courtesy of Daley Quinn

It’s no secret that Clarisonic completely changed the face-cleansing game when it first launched in 2004. That was 14 years ago, and since then, the company has expanded its line tremendously and rapidly. My Clarisonic Skin Renewing Peel and Sonic Exfoliator review is one of highs and lows, and is helpful for anyone dealing with sensitive skin.

I’ve tried my hand at many facial cleansing devices, some more effective than others. I already own the Clarisonic Mia Fit Facial Cleansing Brush ($219,, and while I do like it, I just never seem to use it regularly. Taking off eye makeup with a cleansing device is next to impossible, so why should I make things that much more difficult by using an eye makeup remover wipe and then doing a Clarisonic cleanse? Good ole cleansing oil and a hot washcloth have been my go-to, as they easily melt away all my makeup without the fuss.

Little did I know that my view on cleansing devices would totally change after trying out the new Clarisonic Mia Smart ($199, with the brand’s two new launches: the Skin Renewing Peel Treatment ($39, and Sonic Exfoliator ($39, First, let’s start with the Mia Smart. I’d never used it before, and didn’t really know what to expect, but was pretty blown away by the device. It has three different settings, including “Daily Cleanse,” “Gentle,” and “Smart.” The first two settings are pretty self-explanatory, but it’s the third setting that makes this gadget truly personalized. Basically, your Clarisonic connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth and can be controlled through the brand’s app.

Photo Courtesy of Daley Quinn

I’ve seen a couple of different beauty brands develop their own apps, but I’ve never seen one this extensive and informative. The Clarisonic app keeps track of every time you use your device and allows you to set reminders to wash your face. It awards you with different badges every time you accomplish something new (my one achievement thus far is the “First Timer” award), and can keep track of how old your attachment head is and when you should replace it. Since so many customers complained about this device giving them acne (due to never replacing the head), I think it was smart to add this feature into the app. Smart mode will detect the type of brush attached and will automatically adjust the frequency of use accordingly.

Another amazing feature on the app is the various brush head routines you can choose from. When you first launch the app, it asks you to take a brief quiz to see what your skin type and skin goals are, and will suggest a routine based on your answers. My suggested routine was “Gentle Cleanse,” but there are many other routines available, including “Radiant Cleanse,” “Quick Clean,” “Major Makeup Removal,” and more. The various routines will sync up to your device, where the Clarisonic will direct you to cleanse on different parts of the face at different times and at varying strengths of vibration, depending on which routine you choose.

Not only does the app offer various routines, awards, and reminders, but it also has a library of information on all the ways you can use the device and videos on how to make the most of your prized beauty possession. Some of the articles I clicked on were titled, “Is My Clarisonic Face Brush Making Me Breakout?” and “How To Remove Sunscreen the Right Way.” I also learned that you can remove tough charcoal masks with a Clarisonic, which I wish I had realized years ago. (Seriously, why are those masks such a pain to rinse off?!)

The device delighted me, but I’ll be honest and say the new Skin Renewing Peel Treatment did not. And there’s really only one reason for this: I have the most sensitive skin in the entire world and literally anything will make it freak out. I was excited to try this product because I’m a big believer in chemical exfoliation, and I do dabble in Biologique Recherche Lotion P50 ($28 for 1.7 ounces, once in a while, when my skin isn’t freaking out.

Before Using The Treatment And Exfoliator

Photo Courtesy of Daley Quinn

The rinse-off gel contains glycolic acid, lipo hydroxy acid and AHAs to resurface and brighten the skin, while the the glycerin helps to soften and smooth.

I applied the thick gel to my face and used the Sonic Exfoliator to rinse it off. My smart device detected the brush head the moment I attached it to the device, and it only ran for 60 seconds after I rinsed it under water and moved it around in circles on my face. After my 60 seconds were up, I was still left with a bunch of gel on my face, and ended up splashing it off with water until it was removed. I’m pretty sure I applied way too much product to my skin, making it tougher to rinse down the drain.

After Using The Treatment And Exfoliator

Photo Courtesy of Daley Quinn

After I removed the peel, I noticed a slight brightening to my face, but nothing wild. This treatment is meant to be used every day, so you won’t see a drastic change after just one use.

Photo Courtesy of Daley Quinn

Although my skin felt super soft and smooth, it also started to feel tight and itchy after I removed the peel, and I quickly applied my Avene Soothing Moisture Mask ($26, to relieve the itch and hydrate my skin. I haven’t used a facial foaming cleanser in a while (I’ve been sticking with hydrating cleansing oils and cleansing balms), so I think my skin just wasn’t used to this type of product.

About An Hour After The Treatment And Exfoliator

Photo Courtesy of Daley Quinn

Although the peel treatment didn’t quite get along with my skin, I certainly wouldn’t write it off for everyone. Those with normal, combination, or oily skin will likely see beautiful results with continued use of this product, and I think I’d be more willing to try it in the summer when my skin isn’t flaking like snowfall and too sensitive to touch.

Photo Courtesy of Daley Quinn

On the other hand, I totally fell in love with the Sonic Exfoliator attachment. It exfoliates in the gentlest way, and I could really feel how soft my skin was afterward. I’m really excited to try this product with one of my cleansing oils, so that I can hydrate my skin while simultaneously exfoliating it, too. Win!