There's A Second Captain Marvel Easter Egg In 'Infinity War' That Everyone Missed


Avengers: Infinity War has finally arrived on DVD and will be out on Blu-ray in only a few days time. But already the ability for fans to watch it multiple times at home has paid dividends. The directors' commentary has been a wealth of information, and the special features have been very informative. Now, eagle-eyed fans have noticed a brand new Captain Marvel easter egg in Infinity War, which somehow no one noticed when watching the film on the big screen. Worse, it's not even during a tearjerker moment, so it's not like anyone has an "I was busy crying" excuse.

The easter egg comes during a really early part of the movie, early enough fans who saw the film the first time were just getting their bearings and can be forgiven for missing. After the prologue where Thor's ship is brutalized by Thanos, he sends Ebony Maw to Earth to get the Time Stone accompanied by Cull Obsidian, aka Black Dwarf. The two arrive in New York City just in time to break up witty banter between Stark and Strange and demand their prize.

But when Stark looks down the street at the two aliens who just arrived on his planet, demanding a necklace from a wizard, Cull Obsidian has an exciting accessory on.


Now it could be Mr. Obsidian is a fashionista and he felt a trip to New York City in America warranted pulling out his best swag of American themed fabric and clipping it to his belt. It could be he's a fan of red, gold, and blue and this is just his way of expressing his inner softie while bashing the heads in of his opponents.

But considering the personality displayed by Maw's good friend Cull here, and his lack of concern over the rest of his outfit, chances are he's wearing the extremely familiar looking piece of fabric as a banner of some sort, a spoil of battle. Or perhaps, because the person he was fighting hooked it there because she was going to need it later.

Who is she? This gal.


The similarity between the fabric on Cull Obsidian's belt and the Captain Marvel outfit cannot be denied. The question is, how and when did it get there? Did Captain Marvel face the Children of Thanos before and have to retreat in defeat? Is this something fans will be witness to in the Captain Marvel movie coming in March of next year?

Or is this a sign of how fans can expect the events of Avengers: Infinity War to be undone? After all, viewers who saw Ant-Man & The Wasp know Ant-Man is stuck in the quantum realm when the snap happens, and time moves differently there. Could be and the Captain insert themselves into scenes occurring *in between* the events of Avengers: Infinity War? Is the swath of fabric there to mark the time and position so Captain Marvel can swing in and find Obsidian later and cut off the events of Wakanda before they conclude in failure?

Viewers will have to wait until 2019 to find out. Captain Marvel arrives March 6, and Avengers 4: Maybe It's Called End Game premieres May 3.