This 'A Million Little Things' Clip Brings Up Even More Questions About Barbara Morgan

ABC/Jack Rowand

Unless another major twist is in store, A Million Little Things has essentially answered fans' biggest question about the real identity of Barbara Morgan. Thanks to her viewing of Jon's video message for Barbara, the mysterious Mrs. Nelson appears to be keeping her maiden name a secret from an inquisitive Gary. The promo for this week's penultimate episode is teasing that Mrs. Nelson, who is quite possibly Barbara, finally meets Delilah and the rest of Jon's family, and this A Million Little Things clip released ahead of the episode has stirred even more questions. Time to break down this sneak peek!

ICYMI, the preview for Feb. 21's "The Rosary" showed Sophie (Lizzy Greene) telling Delilah (Stéphanie Szostak) that someone was there to speak to her. The footage then cut to a stunned Mrs. Nelson (Drea de Matteo) seemingly standing in the Dixons' house. The show is no stranger to promo fake-outs, but now that Entertainment Weekly has released a clip from the episode, fans can safely assume that a meeting between Barbara and Delilah is coming their way.

The clip, which can be found on EW's website, opens with Sophie jogging in the neighborhood when Mrs. Nelson, posing as a runner, approaches her. Remember, she was last seen spying on the Dixons' house from her car, and as she told her husband over the phone, Delilah's pregnancy was the inexplicable reason why she couldn't leave the family alone. In her encounter with Sophie, Mrs. Nelson pretends to be from the 5K race the Dixons and their friends ran earlier in the season, saying, "I was pregnant when I lost my husband too, just like your mom."

When Sophie tries to offer her condolences, Mrs. Nelson waves her off, saying the experience was a long time ago. We know from the fleeting moments inside the Nelsons' home that she has a teenage son. But is she telling the truth about her husband or just lying to cozy up to Sophie?


In the clip, Mrs. Nelson brings up talking to Delilah so she has someone who understands what she's been through. Delilah isn't home, but Sophie invites Mrs. Nelson inside to leave a note for her. Alone in the Dixons' front hall when Sophie looks for a pen, Mrs. Nelson pulls out Jon's envelope addressed to Barbara. Can we expect Delilah to make a quick return home at that moment?

There are plenty of fan theories about Barbara Morgan having a romantic history with Jon (Ron Livingston), but if Mrs. Nelson is telling the truth about unexpectedly losing her husband, what role did Jon actually play in her life? Is he the husband she's alluding to? Jon hasn't come across that well as his friends have uncovered more about his sketchy finances and risky business deals, but him having a secret wife and child across town might be a little much. We'll have to wait and see if Feb. 21's episode shines more light on Mrs. Nelson's history with him.

Season 1 of A Million Little Things continues on Thursday, Feb. 21, at 9 p.m. ET on ABC.