7 YouTuber Diss Tracks That Were So Dramatic, They Rocked YouTube To Its Core

Courtesy of Josh Richards on YouTube

Drake and Pusha did not start musical beefs. Nor did Taylor Swift and Katy Perry. The history of diss tracks dates back decades, and musicians have been using their real-life feuds to fuel lyrics for years. Now, social media influencers are doing the same with their dramatic lives. While the quality of these new-age diss tracks is debatable, no one can argue they're not entertaining. Whether there is rumored beef between two YouTubers over their collective breaking up, or some sticky relationship drama going on between TikTokers, there is no shortage of diss tracks about them all. These YouTuber diss tracks take drama to a whole new level.

Whether you've been into following internet celebs since Jake Paul and Team 10 were all the rage, or came into it as the TikTok generation began taking over, there is a lot to know about the beef that went down and led to the following diss tricks. So, let's get to it.

1. "Still Softish" by Josh Richards & Bryce Hall

2020 was all about TikTok, and with that takeover came more cliques than your local high school. Sway House, Hype House, clubhouse ... oh my. There was endless drama going down between TikTokers, especially surrounding their love lives.

In April, Josh Richards and Bryce Hall released "Still Softish," a diss track that took aim at Chase "Lil Huddy" Hudson for his alleged mistreatment of Charli D'Amelio. On the track, Richards sings that Hudson DM'd his then-girlfriend, Nessa Barrett.

They sing: "Talk about money you got / You know you ain't got a lot / You know you had one shot / Charli's the tik to your tok."

Lil Huddy never responded to the diss track.

2. "It's Everyday Bro" by Jake Paul

In June 2017, Paul released "It's Everyday Bro," which many fans assumed was aimed at his ex Alissa Violet. Paul's lyrics seemingly accused Violet of cheating on him, and implied its what led to their split and her ousting from Team 10.

"And you know I kick them out if they ain’t with the crew / Yeah, I’m talking about you, you beggin’ for attention talking sh*t on Twitter, too," he rapped on the track.

Violet's side of the story is quite different, however. Shortly after leaving team ten in February 2017, she claimed she and Paul were never officially together because he wouldn't commit to their relationship.

3. “It’s Everynight Sis” by RiceGum & Alissa Violet's

Shortly after Paul's diss track was released, Violet, along with YouTuber RiceGum, hit back in a song of their own.

RiceGum's lyrics addressed Paul's alleged cheating and bashed Violet's former Team 10 housemate and friend, Tessa Brooks: "You cheated on a good girl, Tessa's hideous / And then you went and got a big head like you Phineas."

The song also took aim at Paul for piggybacking off his brother Logan Paul's fame. "Got fame from your brother now, from your brother now / And he's a better kisser now, better kisser now," she sings.

4. "The Fall of Jake Paul" By Logan Paul

In the most surprising twist, Jake's YouTuber brother, Logan, teamed up with Violet for this diss track about Jake in July 2017.

Logan took aim at his little brother on the song singing, "I made you famous once, it's about to happen twice / Yeah, you on Disney but who helped you read all your lines / Don't forget boy, you were my shadow on Vine / Now you got a few subscribers and you think that you're the shitI'll admit, you got money, you got bars, you got chicks / But you're a dick, you ain't thankful for your fans, it's kinda funny."

He goes on to jokingly suggest he and Violet, who even makes an appearance in the video, are in a relationship, rapping, "Uh oh, that's Alissa Violet, used to be your chick / Now she in the Logang and you know she on my... team."

Jake and Logan certainly have a super special relationship.

5. "We Do It Best" by Tanner Fox

In July 2017, Fox collabed with Dylan Matthew and Taylor Alesia on this diss track aimed at RiceGum for being a hater. The telling lyrics read: "Dumb rich? I don't think so / You only got money dissin' Jake Paul bro / Those eight floors, they are rented / And the Lambo, it was lended."

6. "KSI Sucks" By W2S

Shortly after KSI announced his decision to leave the British YouTube collective Sidemen in August 2017, W2S released his diss track "KSI Sucks." On the track W2S takes aim at KSI saying he'll never be good without Sidemen: "And your EP flopped, you need to be stopped'" he raps. "Cause none of your new singles are getting copped / The old KSI will never be topped."

7. "Little Boy" By KSI

Not one to take getting dissed sitting down, KSI responded to W2S's diss track, releasing one of his own just days later.

"Sidemen the name of the group, all 'cause they needed the help from me," KSI raps. "Yeah, b*tch, I was the come-upI'm the foundation for you to go run up / Keep playing FIFA, you ignorant f*ck."