These 'Westworld' Season 3, Episode 2 Photos Hint At Maeve Actually Escaping The Park

by Ani Bundel

Westworld's Season 3 premiere spent the entire hour focused on the mainland and the real world, where Dolores is making inroads on her plan to take over. Only the post-credit sequence was set in the park, showing Maeve waking up in a brand new section known as "War World." Fans are worried about Dolores getting shot at the end of the premiere and how she and Caleb will get on, but the Westworld Season 3, Episode 2 photos don't address any of that. Instead, this week's promotional images for "The Winter Line" focus on those left behind on Delos' islands.

When Season 2 ended, Maeve's dream of escape died. She made sure those she loved, like Akecheta and her daughter, made it into the server known as "The Sublime," where those who ran the park couldn't reach them. But in doing so, she failed to escape. As Dolores boarded the boat to the mainland, disguised as Charlotte Hale, Maeve's body lay on the beach. She was lined up to have her mind erased, her system reprogrammed, and all her abilities taken away.

But did Delos' technicians succeed? Maeve certainly seemed self-aware when she woke in War World. And the new photos bring another piece of good news. She's not alone in this recreation of Vichy, France, after the Nazis invaded. Hector's been assigned to War World as well. And 1940s-era fashion suits him just fine.


Even better, he brought a car. One should always be able to escape in style.


The fact Maeve and Hector are still lovers suggests they haven't been reprogrammed. It's not clear if Maeve retained her memories, or if they strike after a couple of cycles. But the above photo, with the car on the side of the road, doesn't look like it would be part of their characters' regular loop. (Not in those shoes, anyway.)

But with Lee Sizemore dead, and her old posse of technicians probably unable to help her, who might be Maeve's best hope of rescue?


Fans knew Bernard was working on returning to Westworld at the end of the premiere episode, but not why. He has a vague plan to "Stop Dolores," but no way to achieve that. Maeve might be the perfect answer.


It's not clear where Maeve is in this picture, but that dress screams 2050s era fashion. She and Dolores could have a runway throwdown at this rate.

But where would Bernard take Maeve to ensure her survival outside the park? Fans suspect it involves this guy.


This is actor Vincent Cassel, who plays Serac, the mysterious co-founder of Incite, and the person Liam Dempsey Jr. fears so much. The Season 3 trailer has him proposing that Maeve murder Dolores. Perhaps that's what it will take to guarantee Maeve her freedom.