OMG, These Videos Of Kylie & Stormi Chatting About A Pool Are Too Adorable

Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Stormi Webster is a true chatterbox. The toddler showed off just how inquisitive she is on Tuesday, March 3, when she and her mom, Kylie Jenner, had the most adorable conversation about everything from leaf blowers to pool filters. These videos of Kylie Jenner and Stormi chatting poolside prove the tot loves to talk.

Jenner and Stormi are fresh off a tropical vacation, and decided to spend their day relaxing in the backyard of their home. "It's such a pretty day today omg," Jenner wrote alongside an Instagram Story that showed the sun shining over her green grass.

Though the weather was mild, there was quite a bit of action going on around Jenner's house, causing a bunch of different noises. Stormi was extremely interested in them, asking "What's that noise, mommy?"

Jenner's response of "they're cleaning" didn't satisfy Stormi, who adorably exclaimed, "Oh!" before asking her mom over and over again to tell her what the noise was.

Once the back-and-forth banter about what the noises happening around them subsided, the conversation turned to the crystal clear pool in front of them. "Should mommy put her feet in?" Jenner asked as Stormi quickly replied with an excited "Yes!"

Watch all of the tender poolside moments between Stormi and Jenner in the videos below.

When Stormi was finally over splashing in the pool, she skipped all the way back inside the house like the true free-spirit she is. "Love of my life," Jenner wrote alongside a video of Stormi enjoying the beautiful day.

Jenner and Stormi clearly share a love of the outdoors. On their most recent vacation, the two enjoyed walking hand-in-hand on a picturesque beach and even took a boat ride together. Not to mention, Stormi and Jenner were all about twinning as they enjoyed their mini getaway.

Fans can't wait to see what Stormi and Jenner's next adventure will be.