These Valentine's Day Epic Fail Stories Are Beyond Relatable, So You're Totally Not Alone

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Valentine's Day is fast approaching, which means it's normal to start feeling like the pressure is on to plan the "perfect" evening. But don't stress! V-Day is a day to celebrate your love with your partner, or even practice some hardcore self-love. It doesn't have to be perfect, and thankfully, the Reddit community exists to remind us that it rarely is. These Valentine's Day epic fail stories aren't just cringey AF, but they're also incredibly humbling. So even if your V-Day ends up not being as great as you planned, find solace in that these 11 Reddit users feel you.

When it comes to trying to plan a romantic evening for your SO, it can be very easy to forget that, A) Valentine's Day is a notoriously commercial holiday, and B) anything you and your boo do together will be great. And if you plan something that ends up not being the amazing evening you had planned, that's also OK. I doubt these Reddit users were planning on their epic Valentine's Day fails, but it happens — sometimes things don't go as perfectly as you had hoped. There's always next year, or even the next day. There's no rule that says you can't celebrate your love for each other any day of the year.

At Least They Were Miserable Together...
Wife and I (fiancée at the time) got dinner, both got food poisoning, and spent the next day or two taking turns in the bathroom. Not quite romantic.


Be Honest!
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"I'm not interested in Valentines day, DO NOT GET ME ANYTHING, really, don't"
I believed her


Boyfriend in high school got really upset when I didn’t get him anything for Valentine’s Day after we agreed we weren’t going to do gifts for Valentine’s Day.
He surprised me with a diamond necklace and then cried because I didn’t secretly get him anything.
He was an odd person.


Talk About Keeping It In The Family.
My best friend's birthday is on Valentine's Day. A couple of years ago she mixed up the envelopes between her twin sister's birthday card and the extremely graphic description of what she had planned for the night that she wrote in her then-boyfriend (now-husband)'s Valentine's Day card.
And that's how her sister found out she had a thing for handcuffs and anal.


I used to get an anonymous card or two every valentines day as a teenager, posted through my door too, so they'd gone to extra effort! It wasn't until I was about 18 my mum told me that she'd actually bought and hand written them, in different hand writing, so I'd feel special.


Aw, He Probably Loved It Anyway!
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I hid his gift in a linen closet in a place he never looks, under the extra blankets. We never get cold, but the night before last it was really cold and he needed an extra blanket. He pulls the blanket off the shelf and a cute little red bag filled with his favorite candies and some concert tickets falls on his head.


At Least Someone Got To Enjoy The Strawberries.
One Valentine's Day, many, many moons ago with an old boyfriend, out for a Valentine's dinner, had two martinis that wound up being a bit too strong. Got sick enroute back to his place, almost threw up in his fancy car, managed to stay vertical long enough to clean up before passing out in bed. He spent the night gaming, eating the chocolate covered strawberries I made for the night.


High School Relationships Are Rough.
In high school with my first boyfriend. We had been dating for eight months or so and I told him a week before how excited I was since this would be the first Valentine's day I'd had a valentine. We also made plans to hang out at his place after school. So I got the recipe for his favorite cookies from his mom and made them, baked him brownies, and got his favorite candy bars and put them in a big heart shaped box. On the outside of the box I wrote a bunch of reasons as to why I liked him.
On Valentine's day I gave him his present and he told me he didn't get me anything because he thought I was joking about being excited about Valentine's day. I thought that was lame since I put a lot of effort and I'm known for being crazy excited over holidays, but whatever. He liked his present and I'd get to spend time with him that day so I acted pretty chill about it.
After school he wound up ditching school early to go play Halo with his friends and forgot that I was supposed to hang out with him. I stood outside his last class like a dumb*ss waiting for him to come out and he never did. His teacher let me come inside and use his phone to call my boyfriend's parents and ask if my bf was there. He was, and they came and picked me up. But instead of taking me to their house they took me home because my bf wound up leaving right after I called to go to his friends house. :(
I don't know why I didn't break up with him right then.


I'm Crying.
I'm 25 and got my first Valentine's day gift. I was one of 20 randomly selected people at work to receive a one-dollar vending machine coupon.


I Guess That Was The End Of That Friendship!
In sixth grade I had a crush on a girl and I wanted to send her a rose (something the school did) but, I didn't want her to know it was me (my handwriting is incredibly distinguishable and I was really shy) so I paid one of my friends a dollar to write her name and "Happy Valentines Day, From Your Secret Admirer" on the card. He went to the desk set up at lunch and turned in the card. Everyone at my lunch table (I should have mentioned this took place during lunch) watched as one of the teachers delivered the card to Lauren. (for that was her name) We continued to watch as she smiled and giggled with her friends, she then jumped up and ran to the desk where they were selling the card/roses wrote some stuff down and then ran back to her table. A few moments later, the teacher got up and walked over to my table, she gave a card to my friend, (that I paid to write the note) It was from Lauren, she had recognized his handwriting, and wanted to go on a date. He got up and went to her table and accepted the offer. Jack*ss.


If anything, hopefully these stories are a reminder that your Valentine's Day could be worse. And if this V-Day isn't what you pictured, it's OK. There's always next year or any of the other 364 days of the year. Chin up, my friends.