These Twitter Fleets memes comparing it to Snapchat and Instagram Stories are hilariously on point.

People Are Sharing Hilariously On-Point Memes Comparing Twitter Fleets To IG & Snap

by Daffany Chan
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On Tuesday, Nov. 17, Twitter dropped a new function called Fleets, and it's already getting plenty of buzz. With Fleets, users can share posts that disappear after 24 hours, and naturally, the Twitterverse is comparing it to Snapchat and Instagram Stories. Check out the latest Twitter Fleets memes to see the hilariously on-point comparisons.

The social media company rolled out Fleets to all Twitter users on Nov. 17, and the new function is meant to be an easier way for users to share what's on their mind. The thought is that a Fleet is less pressure, because unlike Tweets, the posts are temporary and disappear after 24 hours, since it's a "fleeting" thought. Your followers won't have the ability to Like, Retweet, or send a public Reply on a Fleet. Instead, they'll be able to reply via Direct Message. TBH, it's very similar to the Stories concepts you're likely already using on Instagram and Snapchat.

To use Fleets, just head to your Twitter homepage. You'll see the Fleets of the people you follow at the top of the page. You can create a Fleet from scratch using text, photos, or videos, or share a tweet in a Fleet by tapping the "Share" icon at the bottom of the tweet. Fleets will also be updated in the future with other features such as stickers and creative tools, depending on how users use them.

It makes sense Twitter added a story-like feature to the platform since most social media sites utilize them, but that didn't stop Twitter users from drawing comparisons of Fleets to Snapchat Stories, which was released in 2013, and Instagram Stories, which was released in 2016. After all, with Twitter finally adding disappearing posts to its platform, the three social media platforms are starting to look very similar. But this may not be news to Twitter, since in the Nov. 17 announcement of the new feature, the social media company seemingly acknowledged the similarities Fleets has to IG Stories and Snapchat Stories, writing, "This format may sound familiar to you!"

That didn't stop people from going hard on the memes, though, and they were quick to point out how Twitter launched this update before giving users long-requested features, like an edit button.

People had some fun imagining how Twitter's competition reacted when they heard about Fleets.

Other people suggested Fleets might be just what some people needed to come to Twitter.

It's officially a stand off between the social media giants.

While it may not be reinventing the circle, Twitter referred to Fleets in the announcement as a way to further serve the conversation on the platform. So far, there is no shortage of Fleets memes, and I guess time will tell if the meme-ers will also becoming Fleet-ers.

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