Wonho Dances In The Rain In His New Vid & Fans Are THIRSTY With A Capital T


Wonho's 2021 is off to a great start! On Friday, Feb. 26, he dropped his sophomore solo EP Love Synonym Pt.2: Right for Us, which is a follow up to his September 2020 release Love Synonym Pt.1: Right for Me. As you can tell by the title, the mini-album is all about romance, and these tweets about Wonho dancing in the rain in his "Lose" video show fans are head over heels over the song's sexy visuals.

Wonho gave fans a glimpse at his "Lose" music video on Sunday, Feb. 21. The teaser, which started off in color, showed him sitting in a projection room flipping different switches before it changed to a black and white scene of him sitting alone at a table with a drink in hand. The clip ended with Wonho tied up in chains trying to escape. While fans watched the dramatic scene play out, fans also heard a sneak peek of the singer's heavenly vocals on "Lose."

Then, on Tuesday, Feb. 23, Wonho dropped an album preview, which gave fans an even greater look into his new era. The clip revealed "Lose" was going to be an upbeat dance song mixed with both Korean and English lyrics.

Now, "Lose" is out in full, and it's making fans swoon. The track is about a complicated relationship where you know it's time to call it quits, but you can't seem to get over that person. Wonho sings on the track, "Don't wanna fight/ Don't wanna play/ I can't get over you/ Just wanna watch you leave tonight/ It's something I can't do/ 'Cause baby, in your game of love/ I know I'm gonna lose." The music video depicts this inner turmoil by having Wonho try and break free from his chains.

Watch Wonho's "Lose" music video below.

Fans loved the video, but their favorite bit came at the end when Wonho started dancing in the rain. The whole time, fans couldn't take their eyes off the sliver in his shirt that gave them a small glimpse at his abs. The best part was when Wonho ripped his shirt off and revealed his muscles in full view as rain poured on top of him. Fans got so many close-up shots of his six pack, as well as his biceps. Let's just say, they couldn't handle all the sexiness.

Wonho's "Lose" music video is definitely his best one yet!