These Ordinary Items That People Used To Think Were "Fancy" As A Kid Will Make You LOL

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Back in the day, I thought Lunchables were a total luxury because my mom would never buy them for me. However, later on in life (and to my utmost dismay), I learned that my dear mother simply just did not want me to eat them #StillSalty. Anyway, apparently a lot of kids thought pretty regular were fancy, and it turned out that — in reality — they were actually quite ordinary. If you haven't already seen these tweets about what people thought was "fancy" as a kid, they're super relatable. They're seriously so funny.

TV writer Ariel Dumas posed the question to Twitter on Thursday, Jan. 10, and what followed was a string of super relatable responses. Dumas asked,

Ok what was the thing you thought was VERY fancy as a kid that turned out not to be? I thought Jägermeister was for sophisticated ladies because my mom sometimes sipped some out of a cordial glass at bedtime.

Maybe there was a certain type of cookie that you only ate during the holiday season, which struck you as "elegant." Or, there's a chance you had the impression that anything with a French name was incredibly classy (guilty!). Regardless of what it was, there was probably something you thought was "high class" as a child, and you've grown up to realize it really isn't that special at all. Definitely check out what the Twitterverse thought was "fancy" back in the day, because they're too funny. Honestly, I can relate to way too many of these.

Many out there in the Twitterverse were quite certain that everyday things in people's homes were fancy.

On the other hand, a handful of people were certain that run-of-the-mill foods were "elegant" (which was probably just because their family and older siblings just didn't want to share, TBH).

A large portion of the Twitterverse, however, automatically assumed that anything their parents liked had to be incredibly classy. IMO, these are too relatable.

Then there were simply a number of things that kids thought were "classy," even though they didn't actually know what they were. Childhood was a much easier time, wasn't it, y'all?

LOL I seriously love every single thing mentioned. I totally thought a number of these were fancy, as well. But, now that I'm older, it was probably just because they seemed somewhat unaccessible at the time.

Growing up is really, really strange. Aside from the realization that certain things aren't as "high-class" as you thought, you also start to realize some pretty eye-opening things about your parents. For example, I've come to terms with the fact that they actually don't know everything, despite what I thought growing up. They also happen to be flawed humans, just like you and me, and don't get too upset, but it turns out they even have a favorite (gasp!). Clearly, you have a lot of pre-conceived notions as a kid, and they usually end up totally changing. Wild.

Maybe you thought Oreos were really fancy back in the day, because your family usually bought generic brand sandwich cookies. Or there's a chance you felt like a queen whenever you applied a little bit of your mom's lipstick, because only grown-ups did it. Regardless, there are so many things you probably grew up thinking were fancy AF but they're actually pretty ordinary. I guess that's just the disappointing reality about growing up, though — things like Jägermeister and soap on a rope probably won't make you feel as elegant as you thought it would. Oh, well!