Twyla's secret on 'Schitt's Creek' surprised fans in the penultimate episode.

'Schitt's Creek' Revealed A Huge Secret About Twyla & Fans Are Losing It

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Schitt's Creek is delivering some seriously unexpected twists in its final moments, and the most recent episode proved that with a wild reveal about Twyla. For the bulk of Schitt's Creek, Twyla has mostly been smiling along on the sidelines as the optimistic waitress at Café Tropical, but she took center stage in the penultimate episode by spilling a major fact about herself fans didn't see coming. The news totally threw fans for a loop, and these tweets about Twyla's secret on Schitt's Creek capture everyone's feelings about the twist.

Spoiler alert: This post contains spoilers from Schitt's Creek Season 6, Episode 13, "Start Spreading the News." The second-to-last episode of Schitt's Creek shook everything up, and set the stage for what is bound to be a hugely emotional finale. The biggest development of all is that the Rose family will likely split up at the end of the show, as their new opportunities are taking them to different locations. The whole family was initially planning on moving to New York City after Johnny secured funding for his new motel venture, but the Tuesday, May 31, episode changed all that.

When Moira unexpectedly got cast in the Sunrise Bay reboot, she and Johnny changed their New York plans and opted to move to Los Angeles instead, but Alexis decided to go ahead with her move to New York solo, launching her PR career independently. David, however, dropped the bombshell that he was going to stay in Schitt's Creek with Patrick, and even bought a cozy cottage in town with his husband-to-be. But although the episode involved some huge changes for the Roses, the character who had every fan talking was Twyla. The sunny waitress' name began trending on Twitter as the new episode aired.

After Alexis donated a bag full of her clothes to her friend, Twyla revealed a surprising secret: She's actually a multi-millionaire. To be specific, she won $92 million from the lottery some years back, but apparently "some guy" took half of the winnings. Still, that left Twyla with a cool $46 million in her bank account... which is a lot more than anyone expected the waitress to have.

Needless to say, viewers were as shocked by Twyla's secret riches as Alexis was, and fans shared their reaction to the surprise on Twitter.

Of course, fans were happy to learn about Twyla's money, since she has consistently been one of the most positive and supportive characters on the show, even when it seemed she was down on her luck. To make it even more heartwarming, Twyla revealed she still worked at the café despite not needing the money simply because she enjoyed being around everyone in town. And in the end, Twyla finally decided to use her money to buy Café Tropical for herself.

The only real mystery in the story is who was the random guy who took half of Twyla's millions. TBH, it seemed like the show was hinting at her ex, Mutt Schitt, as the other secret millionaire, meaning Mutt is out there somewhere with a ton of money himself.

The series finale of Schitt's Creek will air on Pop TV, Comedy Central, and Logo on Tuesday, April 7, at 8 p.m. ET, and it will be followed by a documentary special chronicling the making of the series.