These tweets about the week between Christmas 2020 and New Year's point out this one thing.

Here's Why People Are Saying The Week Between Christmas & New Year's Hits Different In 2020

by Daffany Chan

If you've been eating leftovers and catching up on Netflix in your pajamas these past few days, you may be experience the post-Christmas slump. After all, the week between Christmas and New Year's can become a giant blur as you pass the time at home, but for 2020, it may not feel so different from the rest of the year. If you're feeling like you're stuck in a listless limbo, you'll find yourself right at home with this year's tweets about the week between Christmas and New Year's. Thankfully, you can get through it by laughing at all the "funny because it's true" takes people on Twitter have to offer.

The week between Dec. 25 and Jan. 1 is often when people describe time as seeming to pass more slowly than usual, since it's easy to get lost in the days after all the holiday hustle and bustle — even if it was all virtual this year. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, however, people are finding that the post-Christmas period is looking more or less like their regular schedule during quarantine (see: a lot of Zoom calls). If you're feeling stuck in a time warp during this strange week (or more likely, year), you are definitely not alone. Take a look at these tweets that capture the unique experience of this 2020 holiday limbo.

Even with a 2020 twist, the week between Christmas and New Year's still comes with some of the same benefits, like putting something off until "next year":

TBH, it's kind of a tradition by now.

This Julia Louis-Dreyfus as Veep's Selina Meyer GIF begrudgingly waking up from a slumber is all of us right now.

Some people feel just slightly more prepared for 2020 "Betwixtmas," thanks to months of being at home.

Now that the 2020 version of "the week" is finally here, some people don't really notice a difference from the rest of the year, which is quite a change from years past.

Even though 2021 might not be quite so different come Jan. 1, you can at least bid adieu to the double time warp known as the week between Christmas 2020 and New Year's.