A 'Bachelor' Contestant Sang A Song About A Seal On The Premiere & Fans Lost It

ABC/Craig Sjodin

The Bachelor Season 22 premiere is sure to be full of memorable scenes, but the gem of a moment we can't deny was taxidermy-enthusiast Kendall's ballad for a stuffed seal. The 26-year-old contestant from Cali definitely made a standout impression due to her eccentric fondness for the preservation of deceased animals and her endearing bubbly personality. And #BachelorNation's tweets about the seal song on The Bachelor will remind you why you watch this often-ridiculous reality show.

So... this happened. "I love you seal, you are my friend. We'll be together 'til my life ends, cause you're already dead. Taxidermy... on this journey of love," Kendall crooned to one of her taxidermy buddies while swaying in a tree playing the ukulele. Thank you, ABC casting department, for keeping things interesting. And thank you, Kendall, for being yourself and sharing your weird and wonderful musical stylings with America.

A little background about Kendall. She's a Creative Director who lives in Los Angeles aaaand she clearly enjoys the art of taxidermy.

"I've always warned guys that I date that I collect taxidermy. I've never had a relationship over a year, but with taxidermy, I can keep it forever!" she revealed in her intro, while shown surrounded by stuffed dead animals. Fair enough. "I like researching animals, but I really haven't done a lot of research on Arie. He's a kissing bandit, he races cars... he's not bad on the eyes either."

(ABC/Paul Hebert

“I’m so excited to lose all the distractions of the world and focus solely on why we exist… love," Kendall explained. Cool.

And while Kendall's limo entrance didn't showcase her eccentric tastes, it was pretty clear she was feeling a bit timid. After that wild intro we would have expected her to come out and do something wacky or at least taxidermy-related, but alas — things remained low key and there was no mention of dead animals or seal ballads.

"My heart’s beating so fast,” she told Arie during her entrance. "She was so nervous," Arie remarked as she walked away. Though later, Kendall was able to show off her particular set of ukulele skills when she got more time with him. We're definitely sensing some chemistry here.

Kendall has clearly found a way to stand out among the sea of ladies in this competition and if taxidermy and ukulele-ing is her thing, she may as well flaunt those unique assets. If Arie's cool with it, so be it.

Hey, if Arie ever needs to give her a gift down the line, may we suggest a reptile's cold dead hand? Kendall's ABC bio reads, "My ex gave me an alligator hand holding an iron heart in a jar! I collect taxidermy so it was sweet to me" when she was asked about the most romantic present she's ever received.

Kendall's spirit animal is apparently a bat. "My sister said my spirit animal was a bat because I see beauty in dark things." You can say that again.

When asked about the five things she can't live without, Kendall responded, "Reading, family, love, curiosity and cheese." OK, honestly those are pretty normal answers.

Her ideal mate? "Tall, easy smile, can survive a zombie apocalypse-type body." Nice. We're guessing Kendall considers Arie's physique worthy of fighting off the undead.

Now, for the moment of truth. Did Kendall's charms end up seal-ing the deal with Arie? (Sorry — we couldn't help it.) Yes! The quirky blonde totally got a rose.

We look forward to see Kendall continue her Bachelor journey. If we're lucky, maybe she'll bless us with another ditty along the way. Fingers crossed.