Everyone On Twitter Is Making The Same Joke About Tom Brady Winning Another Super Bowl

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Can you guys believe it, guys? Another Super Bowl has come and gone, and this year's game is one for the books. Super Bowl LIII, which took place on Feb. 3, 2019 at the Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta, Georgia, gave fans a thrill. Whether you rooted for the New England Patriots, the Los Angeles Rams, or the halftime show performers (holla), there was probably a moment or two when you were sitting on the edge of your seat. But at the end of the night, the Patriots were crowned the winner of the big game. Like every year, the internet has some ~feelings~ about the outcome — and all of the tweets about the Patriots winning the 2019 Super Bowl prove it.

Before I get into the tweets about the Pats winning Super Bowl LIII, let's talk about how each team got to this point in the first place. Per CBS Sports, the Rams earned their spot at the Mercedes-Benz Stadium after defeating the Saints on Jan. 20 with a final score of 26 to 23. The Patriots, on the other hand, scored their spot in Atlanta after defeating the Chiefs on Jan. 20 with a final score of 37 to 31. Because of that particular game, the Patriots were able to play in the Super Bowl for the third consecutive year. I'm no football expert, but that seems pretty dang impressive.

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Speaking of being "impressive," the Pats took home the gold and became Super Bowl LIII's champions. Unsurprisingly, the internet has its own feelings about the win, and a ton of people took to Twitter to express their football-induced emotions. However, most fans are all making the same exact joke — about Brady having earned enough Super Bowl wins (and subsequently, jewels) to complete his "gauntlet."

In case you're not in on that inside joke, just know it's a reference from Avengers: Infinity War. Basically, the villain in the move, Thanos, is on the hunt for six "Infinity Stones" to set on his gauntlet, or a large, gold armor glove, and the Avengers must stop him from doing so. If they don't, according to Screen Rant, Thanos would then have "near unlimited abilities within the universe that the gems were created in." If that doesn't sound like Tom freaking Brady with his now six super shiny Super Bowl rings, I don't know what does. And neither does Twitter.

As you can see, the Twitterverse feels pretty strongly about this year's winning team — because the tweets are still flooding in. However, the actual Super Bowl game isn't the only thing that viewers are discussing online. In fact, lots of people are still talking this year's halftime show, which undoubtedly made jaws drop across the nation. If you missed it, check out this video of the performances (you won't regret it). Maroon 5, Travis Scott, and Big Boi took the stage, and they totally rocked the stadium. Bravo, boys.

Another aspect of this year's Super Bowl that people are tweeting about is the selection of commercials that aired throughout the game. If you were watching the event live, you probably saw a ton of hilarious ads take the screen. Some of them featured actors and actresses, while others showcased famous musicians. Some, on the other hand, highlighted both. Take the Pepsi Super Bowl commercial, for example. Not only does it feature Steve Carell, but it also includes Lil Jon and Cardi B. Or, take a peek at this Expensify ad-gone-music video that includes stars like Adam Scott and 2 Chainz. Both commercials are equally hilarious.

Between this year's Super Bowl winners, the epic halftime show, and endless hysterical commercials, there's no shortage of tweets about the big night. If you have something to share about your favorite moment, go ahead and open Twitter.