Twitter Is Thirsty Over The New Australian ‘Bachelor’ & TBH, It’s Understandable

Network 10/Mina Radman/Twitter

Attention! Attention! Australia's got a new Bachelor, and Twitter is losing it. For starters, Matthew Agnew isn't your typical The Bachelor contestant, starting with the fact that he's an astrophysicist and a Ph.D. student at the Centre for Astrophysics and Supercomputing at Swinburne University of Technology. So, he's a super-genius, in other words, which is a refreshing change of pace from "The Honey Badger." (You know, the last Australian Bachelor who dumped both of the final contestants.) These tweets about the new Australian Bachelor are amazing, hilarious, relatable, and will have you packing your bags for down-under immediately.

Here's what we know about the newest Bachelor so far, besides the fact that he's an astrophysicist. (Sorry, I just really cannot get over that.) He's not famous, he likes to travel, and he lives in Melbourne. According to his LinkedIn profile, Matt's career goals are to "use numerical techniques to search for dynamically stable planet candidates in the habitable zones of all known multiple planet systems." Interesting! The Bachelor Australia's executive producer Hilary Innes referred to Matt as a "breath of fresh air" in an interview with The Sydney Morning Herald. "He comes from such an interesting and different world but is still a humble and down-to-earth Aussie man who really just wants to find the love of his life," she said. So, how exactly does he plan to do that?

"I've got a real 'do it once, do it right' mentality so I'll be making sure I throw myself into it, be vulnerable and enjoy what comes from that," Matt told 10 Daily in an interview. "It may be an unorthodox way to meet someone, but I think it’ll be a sensational experience and make for a cracking 'how we met' story!" And as for his favorite thing about someone? It's hearing them talk about their passions in life. "You know how sometimes, after you've been talking for like 20 minutes about a topic you're really excited about, you apologise for 'being boring and waffling on'? That. I love hearing about things people genuinely love, are excited about and want to share," he continued. And if that isn't the sweetest thing to like about someone, IDK what is.

Unsurprisingly, Twitter is just as stoked as I am for this new Bachelor to hit TV screens. Here's what they had to say. (And if anyone knows how to stream The Bachelor Australia, LMK. I'm going to need it.)

Honestly, two very valid questions.
danaschwartzzz on Twitter

When you find out how to do both of those things, can you let me know? I'm asking for a friend.

She knows she's the one for him.
darthpayne on Twitter

You tell him, girl! Look no further, Matt.

Dirty jokes for the win.
alexanasta_ on Twitter


Real talk.
rachelidentity on Twitter

D*mn, she's so right.

More glasses-wearing cuties, please.
laurakateswamp on Twitter

Laura, I'm with you 150 percent. I need more cute nerds in my life!

mackenziehairms on Twitter

OK, fair, but Colton does run the Colton Underwood Legacy Foundation! And fine, he jumped a fence, but the woman he was in love with had just broken up with him! I would jump a fence, too!

Nerds are cool.
lilithia on Twitter

Remember when nerds were super "un-cool"? Well, now they're taking over the world! And I am living for it.

Bring on all the STEM.
nuclearkatie on Twitter

Can you imagine if all the contestants worked in the STEM field?! Make this happen, The Bachelor Australia!

Poor Colton.
mere_bearr on Twitter

Again, poor guy! He's just trying to find love, like the rest of us.

You can be my Superman.
radm29 on Twitter

Dream man, for real.

accidentalnova on Twitter

Where can I sign up for a Bachelor watch group? LMK!

Give us cute nerds!
toya_j on Twitter

The Bachelor, are you listening? This is what the people want!

Looks like Australia's population is about to start growing.
carson_widener5 on Twitter

Honestly I would not be surprised if people actually moved to Australia for this. Go forth! Prosper!

Let's hope not!
kendallllla on Twitter

Clearly all of America is wondering!

Very nice.
ahoyrebecca on Twitter

Honestly, you would've had me at Australian accent.

And in case you weren't already swooning over Matt Agnew, get this: When 10 Daily asked about his idea of a perfect date, his response was, well, perfect. He told the publication he would like something low-key like a cozy dinner and a few drinks. He didn't stop there, though. He said he'd also like to go skydiving in New Zealand, stay in an ice hotel, or watch the Aurora Borealis in Scandinavia. Hi! A hot, nerdy, super smart, romantic, and adventurous Bachelor all at once? Yes, please! Whoever he picks will be one lucky lady.

So, there you have it. The new Australian Bachelor is already a total catch. I hope he finds his love!