These Tweets About The iPhone XS Show How Excited Everyone Is About The New Phone


While many believe that the internet is an impenetrable force created by mankind, tons of things have — and forever will be able to — essentially "break" the internet. Aside from astounding photos of Kim Kardashian precariously balancing beverages on her body, ridiculous tweets from the president of the United States, or the debate over that darn blue or gold dress, one thing that tends to drive the internet totally and utterly bonkers is the release of a new iPhone model. If you have absolutely no idea what I'm referring to, you should see all of these tweets about the iPhone XS, because the internet is going absolutely wild for it.

It looks like a surprisingly large portion of Twitter is excited about the features of the latest iPhone model, and honestly, who wouldn't be? In case you didn't know, Apple announced not one, not two... but three different versions of the iPhone X on Wednesday, Sept. 12, which will span across a wide range of prices and capabilities. Each of them sports various features that no Apple fan has seen before, and two of them are "high-end iPhones," with a glass back and stainless steel edges, an upgraded camera, as well as feature dual cameras on the back of the phone. The hardware also increased processing speeds. So, people are clearly excited about all of these sick new features, as you can see based on the tweets below.

Several in the Twitterverse, on the other hand, are super into the look of the new iPhone. Maybe they like it because it comes in a new color, or due to the fact that it looks incredibly new and high-tech. Or, maybe they simply can't believe how gosh darn gorgeous she is. Regardless of the reason behind why these people are loving the look of the XS, it seems as though the new aesthetic is totally killin' it.

Dissimilarly, there are a ton of internet trolls out there who are relentlessly hating on this new iPhone for what seems like no reason. I mean, when I saw the negative tweets, my first thought was, "how?!" Whether it's relating to the fact that these really, really happy with their current iPhone model, if they're loyal Android users, or if they miss older models prior to the X, there are apparently quite a few reasons to be unhappy about it... and obviously, these folk are letting it be known all over the Twitterverse. Make sure to check out their responses below, they might surprise you.

I don't know if you've noticed, but whenever a new iPhone comes out into the world, the internet buzz is practically relentless. Like, it's seriously non-stop. Even non-iPhone users always have something to say about the latest model. Whether it's about the looks, the features, or if it's just plain negativity, Twitter loves putting their two cents into these things, and honestly, their reactions can get kind of interesting.