The Fiji Water Girl At The Golden Globes Is Already The Best Meme Of The Night

Jon Kopaloff/Getty Images/Fiji Water

A busy Hollywood red carpet is the perfect recipe for the next viral meme, and the 2019 Golden Globe Awards were no exception. It's customary for celebs to pose on the carpet for a brooding, fashionable photo, but some of this year's shots came with a hilariously unexpected photo bomber. Tweets about the Fiji Water girl at the Golden Globes are pouring in, and I'm just wondering if this lady can wrangle her way on stage for more sneaky cameos throughout the night.

Ever vigilant about celebrities' awards show fashion, Twitter began its own pseudo-catwalk when entertainment outlets and fans watching the Golden Globes posted about celebrity arrivals during the red carpet broadcast. As the night continued, an unlikely trend appeared in certain shots of celebs. We all know attendees come with teams of publicists, managers, and family members, but did you know that some people are apparently allowed on the red carpet to serve water to the guests? Neither did I, but now that a woman carrying a tray of Fiji Water bottles popped up in several red carpet pics, I am forever curious about these people behind the scenes.

The server, who hasn't been identified as of Sunday night, appeared in photographs focusing on Dakota Fanning, Richard Madden, and Jim Carrey, among others. According to TIME, Fiji Water has been the official water brand of the Golden Globe Awards since 2015 (because if you're going to be passionate about, it might as well be water, right?). At last year's 75th Golden Globe Awards, the company partnered with Matrix Model Staffing to feature Fiji's product more noticeably, but this probably wasn't quite what those marketing people had in mind. Either way, fans can't help but tweet about it, and the memes are actually hilarious.

Wearing a violet dress, the woman's face eerily doesn't change very often in between photos. She even looks a little photoshopped in some pics, but her perfect posing has definitely inspired Golden Globe viewers to emulate her cool and collected face in the future.

To be fair, most of us probably made the transition from a plastic bottle of water to a reusable bottle a while ago. However, if Fiji's goal was to remind people that it's still around and thriving, this girl should probably start negotiating a raise with her boss on Monday. After all, people on Twitter are already brainstorming her life story in what sounds like an awards season fave in 2020. Forget A Star Is Born, because Fiji Water Girl's rise to fame is the journey I really want to see.

While the Emmys' viral moment was a marriage proposal and the Oscars just love giving out snacks and inviting common folk into the ceremony, the Golden Globes totally snatched up attention early with this model's fierce face. Tyra Banks, take some smizing shots with her ASAP!

Fiji Water Girl probably won't make it on stage later tonight, but if those Globes writers know what's best for them, maybe a last-minute cameo can be added. Here's to you for making the most of your opportunity, girl! We promise we'll learn your name soon.