These Tweets About The 2019 Super Bowl Will Keep You Laughing Through The Entire Game

by Ani Bundel
Mike Zarrilli/Getty Images Sport/Getty Images

Once upon a time, back in an age where there were three broadcast channels, and few had cable, television was a monocultural experience. One could say "Hey, did you watch The Cosby Show last night?" and immediately have an instant ice breaker, because everyone had. Nowadays, with thousands of channels, not to mention streaming services and YouTube, these shared experiences need a little help. That's where Twitter comes in, helping join viewers together in cheering on live events as a great big family. These tweets about the 2019 Super Bowl bring everyone together in hyping the biggest game of the year.

The lead-up to this year's game was one of the most intense in recent football memory. From fumbled calls against the New Orleans Saints losing them the game to the Los Angeles Rams to the Kansas City Chiefs making it deep into the playoffs for the first time in decades before falling to the New England Patriots, it seemed like everyone was invested. Even if many were disappointed in the outcomes, the passion to hate those who made it into the Super Bowl was just as driving as the love of the Rams and Patriots fans.

The Rams even had their own emoji for the occasion with legions of little sheep marching across the timeline.

Or for many others, owls.

And for some, spelling.

But what makes the Super Bowl so unique isn't just that it's two words. (A fact my poor editor had to beat into me last year.) It's that it doesn't matter whether you watch football or sports for that matter. Super Bowl parties are such a big deal, TV sales are actually timed to coincide with the week before the game. The hype and hoopla around the broadcast are huge. Everyone tunes in to watch things like the opening act (which features Gladys Knight and Chloe x Halle this year) and the Halftime Show (which Maroon 5 headlines this year). And don't forget the debut of countless commercials, which air at every opportunity.

This includes hundreds of viewers who all take to twitter and celebrate the fact that they are watching a game where they don't actually know what's going on in the slightest.

But the best part about the Super Bowl, at least in my book, is how no one is afraid to admit the whole family gets into the game. From photos of little kids in tiny uniforms cheering on a sport their parents have taught them to love to couches full of friends and family, the Super Bowl is one of the few things in our modern life that still has the power to bring everyone together. It's a shared experience across households and neighbors, one of the few moments of monoculture in a century where entertainment is becoming increasingly fractured.

Also? Cats. Lots of lots of cats watching the Super Bowl. Because the internet and the Super Bowl (and the Superb Owl) is for cats.

D'awwwwww. The best way to watch the big game is with your best fuzzy friend for sure.