The Super Bowl's On & Of Course We're All Spending It On Twitter

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As the Super Bowl is one of the most watched sporting events in America, sports fanatics and non-sports fans alike (aka me) come together every year to celebrate with way too much food, a lot of screaming, and always a ton of fun. And whether we're actually focusing on the game, the players, the halftime show (especially if Beyoncé comes), the state-of-the-art commercials, the delicious food we're eating, or the wily crowd we're watching with, it definitely sparks a lot of interesting and hilarious thoughts and feelings. So make sure to check out the tweets about the 2018 Super Bowl, because they're honestly what all of us are thinking RN.

The Super Bowl is one of the few times I actually feel like I'm partaking in American culture. I'm eating greasy food, I'm yelling whatever everyone else is yelling at a television set, and I'm witnessing an actual game of American football. I guess I'm where I should be in life. So of course I'm live-tweeting this stuff, just like everyone else. Whether I'm taking in the details of the game (unlikely), or judging the fact that Trey Flowers has a really lovely name, I'm there, taking it all in, just like the rest of you. And Twitter is bringing us together, one meme and witty observation at a time.

Tweets About The Actual Game

If you're from Philadelphia, or if you hail from pretty much anywhere in New England, there's a likely chance you're actually super into the game and maybe even live-tweeting it. And that's so great, good for you! Go sports!

Tweets About The Players

Maybe you're a diehard Tom Brady fan. Growing up in Connecticut, I know a lot of Brady fans... and they were all OK (LOL). But maybe you're rooting for the other team and you're hella into Wentz, or Gronk might totally be your dude. Either way, the tweets about the players are here, and I'm just loving them.

Tweets About The Food We're Eating

Honestly, the Super Bowl got its name from being a super bowl of food in front of me. Maybe someone brought some really dank Buffalo cauliflower dip this year (oh, thanks, that was me), or maybe someone brought some really food-porn-worthy nachos. Either way, the food is all I care about so here are some really dope dishes people are eating RN.

Tweets About The People We're With

Maybe you're at a Super Bowl party and Selena Gomez just showed up, or your BFF's super annoying GF might have had a few too many Mike's Hard Lemonades, and she's totally making a scene. Regardless, we want to hear about the crowd that everyone's 'Bowlin' with, because the party is basically why we're all there.

Tweets About The Commercials

Everyone be quiet, because the commercials are literally the best part of the entire game (sorry, guys). Maybe you're loving M&M's Danny DeVito ad, or there's actually a commercial that has managed to surpass the horrifying feel of Mountain Dew's 2016 masterpiece, Puppy Money Baby. Either way, the ads always spark some feels, so here's what people are thinking.

Tweets About The Halftime Show

Most of us are beyond excited to have Justin Timberlake headline the halftime show at Super Bowl 2018, for his third ever Super Bowl, while some, however, are a little salty. But to be real, I'm really just waiting for Destiny's Child to take over the stage, so when is that happening?

Whether you're ESPN's most loyal viewer or just always down for a good potluck, the Super Bowl will never not unite all of us with good friends, and a good time. Just make sure to tweet about it, because watching other people have a good time is pretty much why I'm here.

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