Chase Sui Wonders and Haley Sanchez in Generation.

Twitter Is So Heart-Eyes Over Riley & Greta From 'Generation'

Jennifer Clasen/HBO Max

With its hilarious twists and relatable takes on Gen Z teenhood, it's easy to see why fans are falling hard for Generation. The show follows a group of high schoolers exploring their sexualities and experiencing first love, so it's only natural there's plenty of coming-of-age romance involved. But there's one potential couple in particular who is dominating the screen (and fans' hearts), and that's Riley and Greta. These tweets about the Generation duo make it perfectly clear how fans feel about them.

Warning: Spoilers for Generation through Episode 5 follow. Honestly, one of the best parts of Generation so far has been waiting Riley (Chase Sui Wonders) and Greta (Haley Sanchez) work up the courage to admit their feelings for each other. When the show started, shy Greta was already dealing with a lot, especially after her single mom (who she had a rocky relationship with) was detained by ICE. She also began harboring a secret crush on Riley, a cool photographer and fellow member of their high school's Gay-Straight Alliance Club.

As Generation progressed, the pair started letting their walls down around each other. They bonded over their respective family problems and Greta slowly became Riley's photography muse. In Episode 5, Riley and Greta became closer than ever after spending a freewheeling day with Chester (Justice Smith), as they had an intimate photoshoot and even cuddled in Riley's bed together. They're not an official couple just yet, but viewers are already shipping them hard.

But Generation wouldn't be a true teen show without some relationship drama, so Riley and Greta shippers should brace themselves for some turbulence. When Bust asked actor Haley Sanchez (who plays Greta) about the potential couple in a recent interview, she responded, "Let's say there's three layers: If you get down to the second layer, I think [Riley and Greta] would be great." But Sanchez added that, because of the pair's deeper insecurities, "It could be a very tricky relationship for them to be in."

Viewers will have to wait and see what exactly goes down between Riley and Greta, but based on how things are so far, they could definitely go down as the next iconic teen show couple.

New episodes of Generation on air Fridays on HBO Max.