Twitter Is Obsessed With Renata On 'Big Little Lies' & So Am I

Jennifer Clasen/HBO

Anyone watching Season 2 of Big Little Lies knows the characters on the show go through a lot. Hell, even if you don't watch the show, you probably still know that there is a whole lot of drama going on in the HBO hit. One of the major storylines of the season is Renata Klein's newfound bankruptcy, which transpired due to her husband's poor choices, and her ensuing martial problems because of those choices. Though Renata's problems are very serious, her reactions to her situation are empowering, and often downright hilarious. These tweets about Renata on Big Little Lies show just why she steals the scene for viewers in pretty much every episode.

Spoiler alert: This post contains spoilers from Big Little Lies Season 2. At the start of the season, Renata — played by national treasure Laura Dern — was livin' it up on top: Her daughter Amabella was no longer being bullied at school, a big magazine wanted to profile her, and she has a new girl gang to lean on thanks to the bonding experience (read: murder coverup) she went through with the rest of the Monterey Five in the previous season.

But Renata's life quickly unraveled when her husband Gordon (Jeffrey Nordling) got caught in a financial fraud scheme, thus losing all their money — including everything Renata earned in her own (presumably legal) business ventures. Renata, who describes her financial success as "self-made" was rightfully pissed at the whole situation, and of course at Gordon. But through it all, she remained nothing if not fierce, and fans are loving her for it.

Things went from really bad to "OMG I didn't think things could get worse" for the Klein family in Episode 6. At bankruptcy court, Renata and Gordon were facing all the people to whom they owed money (which is already pretty degrading), when their former nanny stood up and implied that Gordon had cheated on his wife with her. Though the revelation was likely heartbreaking for Renata, on the car ride home from the meeting, she had one of the most iconic scenes on the show to date.

In fact, the car scene was so powerful, viewers are calling for Laura Dern to receive an Emmy for it. (Though just as a reminder, Big Little Lies Season 2 is not eligible for the 2019 Emmy Awards.)

Emmy nomination or not, Dern's portrayal of Renata has really resonated with fans. While the character's in-your-face personality is often funny, fans have also empathized with her recent tribulations.

Renata may be many things, but she is certainly not meek, and fans have drawn upon the high-powered businesswoman's attitude for inspiration in their own lives.

She has even developed something of a catchphrase that can pretty much serve anyone going through a rough patch in life.

While Renata's issues with her husband are rough, and threat of getting caught for her actions with the Monterey Five still looms, perhaps the most entertaining conflict in Renata's story arc is the one against metal detectors, which have apparently had a vendetta against her this season.

Viewers can catch more of Renata — and the rest of the Big Little Lies characters — in the season finale, airing on Sunday, July 21, at 9 p.m. ET on HBO.