People Are Loving This Adorable Orange Kitty Who Lives At Harvard Law School

Darren McCollester/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Getting into Harvard Law School isn't easy, but one cat is taking up residency at the historic Massachusetts college. Remy the cat may not have the required LSAT scores to be admitted to Harvard, but what he lacks in education he makes up for with his charming personality and dapper orange coat. And people are loving it. These tweets about Remy the Harvard Law School cat show just how adorable — and loved — the feline is around campus.

According to The Harvard Gazette, Remy isn't the new guy on campus anymore. In fact, he's been hanging around Harvard for nearly four years. Don't worry, though. While Remy does live on campus, he has an owner to take care of him when he's not busy being admired by students and staff at Harvard.

Sarah Watton, who lives in Cambridge, Massachusetts, is Remy's owner, according to The Harvard Gazette. She and her family live about a mile from campus and used to walk Remy on a leash until his first birthday. It seems that Remy has always been a bit of an adventurous cat, but walking on the leash wasn't enough to satisfy his hunger for the outside world. Watton told The Harvard Gazette that she and her family stopped trying to walk Remy on the leash to cut back on his thirst for the outside world.

But Remy, like most studious cats, seemed determined to continue his quests around campus. So, Watton decided to create a Facebook page to track Remy's whereabouts, according to The Harvard Gazette. The account, which is called "Remy the Humanities Cat," has more than 3,300 followers keeping up with the feline's latest excursions. His fan base is growing across many social platforms, including Twitter, where students and other Harvard staff members have snapped pictures of the orange tabby cat.

Remy has been spotted taking a cat nap inside of a box located in the Harvard Law Library. Although it's possible that snoozing may normally be against the rules inside of the media center, Remy is an exception to the rule. After all, it's probably exhausting walking from building to building on the Harvard campus.

In August 2018, Remy went missing for nearly three weeks, according to The Harvard Gazette. People around campus took to the Facebook page to post about the latest Remy sightings, ensuring that the venturesome feline was still alive and well. It seems that Remy is rather popular on campus and very well known considering that he has been spotted everywhere from the Cambridge Golf Club to the Judge Baker Children's Center at Harvard Medical School.

Although his Facebook page refers to him as "Remy the Humanities Cat," one Harvard administrator told The Harvard Gazette that she think he should be called "Remy the Interdisciplinary Cat." I think that's fair. After all, Remy has been prowling around campus for the past four years, so it's safe to say he's earned an all-encompassing honorary degree from Harvard.

It's safe to say this cat really gets around, and he's making friends and melting hearts along the way. So, if you happen to attend Harvard or are just visiting the Cambridge area, keep your eyes peeled for a friendly orange cat. It might just be Remy.