Twitter Is Reminiscing About This One Pair Of Bermuda Shorts Everyone Had As A Kid

Nantucket Brand // Cape Madras // Twitter

Like many spunky elementary schoolers, I made some questionable fashion choices as a kid. There was an overwhelming amount of hot pink, a lot of confusing layering (why did I need a tank top underneath my tank top?), and a collection of plaid Bermuda shorts so vast, you'd have thought I was a frequent jetsetter to the tropics. So, when tweets about plaid Bermuda shorts recently flooded my timeline, I was so relieved to find I wasn't alone in my love for these funky, knee-length bottoms.

Twitter user @AnnaKenneyy ignited a wave of mass style nostalgia when she tweeted out one particular pair of Bermuda shorts nearly everyone had as a kid, and I cannot stop laughing about the reactions. "Some of y’all didn’t wear these bad boyz as a kid and it shows," she wrote on Twitter. With one glance at these shorts, I can already smell the Skittles-flavored LipSmackers that I kept in my front pocket at all times. Apparently, all of Twitter shared the same wardrobe, because others quickly posted their own authentic fit pics featuring these legendary shorts. Some standouts from the lengthy thread include this color-coordinated trio; an entire plaid, family affair; and this mirror selfie with the most powerful pout of all time.

Of course, a bunch of other hilarious tweets ensued as well. Warning: The following images may conjure up haunting memories of prepubescent, elementary school angst and the crowded aisles of Limited Too.

One user jumped into the thread to reference the popular companion to plaid Bermuda shorts: Bobby Jack tees. When I'd show up to fourth grade in a new pair of Bermudas that I copped from Justice and a fresh Bobby Jack tee, I was unstoppable.

These "bad boyz" are seared into my memory whether I like it or not. So, when the 2020 spring trend reports forecasted Bermuda shorts as an essential for the upcoming season, I was shook. But, with credit to designers like Tom Ford, Maryam Nassir Zadeh, and Alberta Feretti, Bermuda shorts have shed their gawky associations and been reinvented as an edgy yet practical staple for springtime. With style options like lengthy leather shorts or the shorts suit trend, which swaps out traditional trousers for a pair of knee-length bottoms, Bermuda shorts are set to have a major comeback moment. And now that Twitter has provided me with a cathartic, cringe-y walk down memory lane, I'm excited to channel some of my fourth-grade spunk in a new pair of Bermuda shorts for spring 2020.