Pete Buttigieg holding a coffee cup

Twitter Is Going Wild Over Pete Buttigieg Eating A Cinnamon Roll Like A Hot Wing

Scott Olson/Getty Images News/Getty Images, Twitter

Pete Buttigieg loves food. The South Bend, Indiana, mayor has scoped out some terrific eats on the campaign trail, from a BLT bacon ball sandwich at the Iowa State Fair to a New York pizza slice at Grimaldi's. But one of Buttigieg's latest food choices isn't all that popular. In a moment captured by Eater that has since gone viral, Buttigieg ate a cinnamon roll like a hot wing, and Twitter can't believe it.

Eater's Gary He recently tailed Buttigieg on the campaign trail for two days to see what the presidential candidate eats on a typical day. But no two days are the same for Buttigieg when it comes to a good meal. He downed some chicken tacos at a local Iowa brewing company, and enjoyed an IPA while talking to members of the press. But one morning, Buttigieg spotted a box of cinnamon rolls, and like any true millennial, he made sure to get a picture of them before grabbing one.

That's not the picture that Twitter is talking about, though. Twitter users are more concerned about He's picture of Buttigieg actually eating the cinnamon roll. In the picture, Buttigieg appeared to have cut his cinnamon roll into pieces, in order to eat each piece like a hot wing:

Twitter simply could not understand how someone so dedicated to food could eat a cinnamon roll like this. Some Twitter users wondered why Buttigieg would bother with utensils if he was going to pick up the sticky cinnamon rolls with hands anyway, while others went along with the idea that the cinnamon roll was secretly a chicken wing.

There were a few Twitter users who didn't think it was worth making a fuss over the whole thing, and advised their fellow tweeters to be a little more kind to the South Bend mayor:

Meanwhile, other Twitter users pointed out they didn't even realize Buttigieg was eating a cinnamon roll in the first place.

Buttigieg and his campaign have been intentional about finding and trying as many local eats as possible while on the trail — the mayor managed to try pretty much everything at the Iowa State Fair earlier this year. But when it comes to cinnamon rolls, Twitter has a pretty strong opinion about how they should be eaten — and unfortunately, Buttigieg may have missed the mark.