People On Twitter Sharing Their Biggest Worries From The ‘90s Will Give You Major Flashbacks

Justin Sullivan/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Like most Gen Y babies, I'm incredibly proud to say I grew up in the most glorious decade of them all: the '90s. Aside from indulging in really fantastic pop music, the greatest Saturday morning cartoons of all time, and, of course, endless amounts of Dunkaroos, though, there were still quite a few pre-21st century things that people had to worry about. If you aren't entirely sure what I'm referring to, make sure you check out these tweets about people's biggest worry in the '90s. Trust me — you'll totally get what I mean, because they're so, so relatable.

Whether you were goth, punk, "nerdy," or "popular," most '90s kids went through a slew of pretty similar struggles. Between getting kicked off the internet via dial-up, picking out the very best FUBU shirt, and determining if Ross and Rachel were actually on a break, there are so many things '90s kids can relate to, no matter who they were, or what they were up to at the time.

Many of these '90s anxieties — as you would probably imagine — are tech-related. If you recall life before wifi, smart phones, and Amazon, you most likely worried about one or more of these situations at some point in or another. I, personally, can relate to most of these, and TBH, the thought of taking care of my Tamagotchi is giving me some major war flashbacks right about now.

Other '90s babes were mostly stressing over their favorite T.V. shows at the time. Whether you couldn't decide which Saturday morning cartoon you wanted to watch, if you were worried about getting home in time to watch Sailor Moon, or if your inability to master "the Carlton" was getting you down, you probably can relate to at least a few of these too-real situations.

And, of course, many of these '90s anxieties were related to fashion emergencies. Between shoulder pads, extra wide legged jeans, and, of course, overalls, most of the '90s was kind of a fashion emergency. But, in all honesty, I'm still attempting to rock most of these looks to this day. I can still relate, y'all.

Finally, others, (like my naive elementary school self), were almost entirely worry-free. I was under 18, I didn't have to pay rent, taxes, or utilities, and I wore a Lisa Frank T-shirt to school almost every single day. I don't know about you, but my '90s experience was almost completely care-free.

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The '90s were quite a time, and looking back, your biggest worries back then are now probably a distant memory, at this point. Unless, of course, you've made the epic decision to re-watch Friends from start to finish. In that case, you're probably re-living your '90s worries all over again.