These National Voter Registration Day tweets are all about taking action.

People Are Celebrating National Voter Registration By Sharing Info You Can Actually Use

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On Tuesday, Sept. 22, Twitter users took a break from sharing their aesthetic AF iOS 14 Home Screens to remind people of their civic duty. To celebrate National Voter Registration Day, people on Twitter decided to use the social media site as a force for good by sharing helpful voter resources. With the 2020 election less than 45 days away, these tweets about National Voter Registration Day 2020 ask people not to wait on taking action.

Celebrities and regular folks alike took to social media on Tuesday to remind eligible voters they should check their voter registration status. Whether you have or haven't voted before, it's a good idea to double-check your voter registration and make sure all your information up to date. You can do this at a website like or by texting VOTER to 26797. If you need to register, you can check to see if you are able to register to vote online in your state. Otherwise, you'll need to register in-person at your Secretary of State's office or by mail.

According to findings from NBC's SurveyMonkey weekly tracking poll as of Sept. 1, 52% of adults surveyed said they plan to vote early — either in-person before Nov. 3 or by mail-in absentee ballot. If you count yourself among them, you'll need to get started on the voting process — which can include completing an application to request an absentee ballot, filling out your absentee ballot when you get it, and sending it by your state's "receive by" deadline — all the more timely.

On Sept. 22, celebrities like Ryan Reynolds, Taylor Swift, Jennifer Lopez, Zendaya, Jimmy Kimmel, Debra Messing, and Joseph Gordon-Levitt joined regular citizens on social media to urge people to not procrastinate on taking that first step and register to vote that same day.

Most of the tweets include actionable steps you can take if you need to register or if you still need to make a plan to vote:

Making sure your voice is heard during this year's election might take more planning ahead than in past years due to delays to the U.S. Postal system and coronavirus-related changes to in-person voting in certain states. Whether you plan to vote by mail or cast your ballot on Election Day, make sure to start that process by making sure you're registered to vote — and get out the word by encouraging your friends, family, and coworkers to do the same.

If you're already registered, you can text VOTER to 26797 to find out if you are eligible to vote early or to vote by mail in your state, and request your mail-in ballot if you're eligible. Some of the earliest states' voter registration deadlines are coming up as soon as Oct. 3, so you'll want to get this done ideally on Sept. 22, or as soon a possible.

Your voice matters. So does your vote. Make sure both are heard and counted in the 2020 election by registering to vote right now.

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