Hunter Schafer as Jules in Euphoria.

‘Euphoria’ Fans Are Demanding Hunter Schafer Get An Emmy After That Jules Special

Eddy Chen/HBO

Another one-of-a-kind Euphoria episode arrived ahead of Season 2, and it's all about Jules Vaughn. The introspective episode zeroed in on her character as she opened up about her identity and relationship with Rue, allowing Jules to finally tell her side of the story after running away in the Season 1 finale. It was a pretty powerful TV moment all around, and these tweets about Jules' Euphoria special are clamoring for Hunter Schafer to get the recognition she deserves for her performance.

Like Rue's standalone episode, "Trouble Don't Last Always," the show's latest installment (titled "F*ck Everyone Who's Not a Sea Blob") forgoes much of its usual neon-drenched teen melodrama in favor of a thoughtful character study. Co-written by Euphoria creator Sam Levinson and Schafer herself, it mostly unfolds over the course of a therapy session Jules is having a few weeks after she left Rue behind to go to the city and try to start a life in the city. But now she's back, and just like Rue was forced to open up about her life and trauma to her sponsor Ali in her episode, being in therapy gives fans some important context about what Jules is going through following Season 1.

It's a deeply emotional hour of TV, as Jules gets candid about her past, how her difficult relationship with her mom influences her feelings of responsibility for Rue's sobriety, and what trans identity means to her, just to name a few things. Schafer anchoring the entire episode with a moving performance is particularly impressive given that Euphoria is her first-ever acting job. Soon after "F*ck Everyone Who's Not a Sea Blob" dropped on HBO Max on Friday, Jan. 22, fans took to Twitter demanding that she receive an Emmy for her work in the special.

Now that both of Euphoria's standalone episodes have been released, fans have a while to wait before they can finally catch up with all of the other characters in Season 2. Levinson recently revealed that he hopes they can start filming it in March 2021. But in the meantime, viewers have plenty of time to get Schafer's Emmy campaign started.