The Mandalorian

These Tweets About "Jeans Guy" In 'The Mandalorian' Are Out Of This World

by Ani Bundel

Like many fantasy and science fiction series, The Mandalorian relies on a complete suspension of disbelief. There are no iPhones, no Starbucks, no cars or trucks as viewers know them. Bad guys wear black capes, good guys wear full face masks, and cannon fodder dress in white armor. But every so often, a little slice of reality gets left in by accident, leading to a shattering of the illusion. These tweets about "Jeans Guy" in The Mandalorian are a reminder that it can happen to anyone, no matter how big the show.

These sorts of mistakes don't happen very often, so it's always big news when they do. Downton Abbey once left a water bottle in a shot. Game of Thrones forgot to clear the catering coffee cup from the banquet scene. Camera equipment is reflected in shiny surfaces in The Matrix. These are usually small prop errors, inanimate objects sitting where the camera can catch them, or reflected in error. It is ultra-rare for a person to show up on-screen when they shouldn't.

But that's just what happened in the middle of The Mandalorian Season 2, Episode 4, "The Siege." As a big firefight broke out, a crew member tried to make himself disappear against the wall. Unfortunately, half of him wound up in the scene anyway.

Look down left under Greef's armpit. The grey t-shirt and jeans might have blended in enough to‌ disappear, but the arm (and the Apple Watch) gives it away.

Most fans took the moment with good humor and had a field day making jokes.

Many brought up Lucasfilm and Disney's penchant for merchandising every aspect of the Star Wars universe. If there's no action figure or Lego Star Wars character for Jeans Guy, did he really happen?

It shouldn't surprise anyone that fans started comparing the moment to other famous TV botches.

But like all small details in The Mandalorian, some ran with it as proof it's all connected.

Let the fan theories begin. This is The Way.