Adam Pally & Jason Sudeikis as storm troopers in 'The Mandalorian'

Jason Sudeikis Punched Baby Yoda In 'The Mandalorian' Finale & Twitter Is NOT OK


Anyone with a pulse and an internet connection can understand Baby Yoda's rise to social media fame. The little creature — formally known as "The Child" — is all kinds of precious, and many fans have grown super protective of him. So, when a pair of jerky Storm Troopers kidnapped and then proceeded to straight-up punch everyone's favorite green nugget in The Mandalorian's Season 1 finale, viewers were indignant. Then, when it was revealed the people playing the Baby Yoda bullies are actually beloved actors, fans went wild. These tweets about Jason Sudeikis in The Mandalorian finale probably best sum up how Baby Yoda stans are feelings after the revelation.

In addition to all kinds of action and satisfying information to tie up the season, The Mandalorian's Dec. 27 finale featured two new Storm Troopers, who were tasked with bringing Baby Yoda to Moff Gideon. The Troopers actually provided some great comedic relief, but I think I speak for everyone when I say hitting the poor child took things too far. In the offending scene, one Storm Trooper (Sudeikis) tried getting sweet Baby Yoda to be quiet by repeatedly punching the bag the little guy was in. The second Trooper (Adam Pally) also gave the bag a punch after Baby Yoda bit his finger (but only because he had shoved it in Baby Yoda's face).

It didn't take Twitter long to figure out where to place the blame for such horrific actions. Though both Sudeikis and Pally played the awful Baby Yoda-punchers, it's the former who is really bearing the brunt of the (mostly lighthearted) backlash.

Despite Suidekis' and Pally's character's awful deeds, many fans were pumped about their parts in the finale.

Regardless of whether you were mad at the actors or thrilled to witness them on the show, here are some cute Baby Yoda moments from the finale to take away the pain of seeing him hurt:

Fans can see Baby Yoda's cuteness, and rehash Sudeikis' and Pally's contentious scene, by watching Season 1 of the The Mandalorian on Disney+, available now. Season 2 is expected to premiere in the fall of 2020.