'Iron Fist' Fans Are Already Petitioning For A Colleen Wing Spinoff Series

by Ani Bundel

The "Friday Night Newsdump" is an age-old tradition where press offices attempt to bury bad news by releasing it on Friday after 5 p.m. on the east coast. The later the new comes on a Friday, the harder the burying. Netflix must have really wanted to bury the news Iron Fist was canceled because it happened on a Friday at 9 p.m. ET. But these tweets about Iron Fist's cancellation suggest fans weren't sleeping on the news.

In fact, when it got out Iron Fist was the first of the Netflix Marvel shows to get the official axe, they started a petition to bring the series back. According to the Change.org petition:

Netflix has made a terrible decision in canceling Iron Fist after 2 seasons. There are many fans of the character, and the series and most people said that the second season was excellent. I think it's unfair that Luke Cage, Jessica Jones, and Daredevil get a third season and their shows get mixed reviews too yet Iron Fist gets the shaft. There is so much more potential and stories to be told, and it's not great fan service to end the last season on a cliffhanger and not go along with it especially when the second season was more well received with critics and fans. So Netflix and Marvel, please revise your decision and greenlight a third season for Iron Fist.

Twitter was highly displeased.

It wasn't long before a hashtag sprang up to try and raise awareness both of the show's demise and to demonstrate there was a fanbase which desired its return.

For many fans, the ending of Season 2 was good enough to negate criticisms the show had weathered previously.

Others, noting Luke Cage Season 3 is still in limbo, called for a new series putting the two characters together under one title, much like the comics did in the late 1970s.

As with all stages of grief, some decided to hold a vigil for the show's resurrection.

Others noted the show still had many moments from the comics to recreate.

For the very hardcore who had binged Season 2 very fast, the realization there would be no more episodes was like a thunderbolt.

Others pointed out that despite the reviews and the haters, there were people who really like Iron Fist and how it tied into the other series on Netflix.

For those who were already upset The Defenders has not been renewed and there seem to be no plans for a second season anytime soon, this was just too much. (Even though it should be noted Marvel TV CEO Jeph Loeb has stressed Defenders is *not* canceled, just on hold.)

Some even canceled their accounts.

And a few had a message for Netflix.

But some saw a silver lining.

Fans will keep the faith until a Daughters of the Dragon show is announced in Iron Fist's place. Until then, Daredevil Season 3 arrives on Netflix on Friday, Oct. 19, 2018.