These tweets about "cheugy" being sold as an NFT are so relatable if you're ready to say goodbye to ...

"Cheugy" Was Sold As An NFT & People On Twitter Can't Handle It

by Daffany Chan
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"Cheugy" has been all the rage on social media lately, and in the most 2021 turn of events, it's been sold as an NFT. Yep, you heard that right — the term "cheugy," which is all about describing the millennial #girlboss aesthetic, is jumping from TikTok to the digital currency sphere. Naturally, the Twitterverse is going wild over the news, and these tweets about how "cheugy" was sold as an NFT has people sharing their feelings about the sale maybe being as cheugy as the word itself. And TBH, it's all a bit too much for some people.

To give you a refresher on all things cheugy, the word is used to describe an array of things related to millennials that are outdated or untrendy — from certain lyrics as Instagram captions (read: Taylor Swift's "22" when you turn... 22) to fashion trends. According to an April 29 New York Times article, the word was first created by Gaby Rasson in 2013, who shared that she came up with cheugy in high school to "describe people who were slightly off trend."

With the word going viral on social media in late April 2021, Rasson decided to make things even more official by selling cheugy as an NFT (aka a non-fungible token) on May 9. ICYDK, NFT stands for “non-fungible token,” which is basically a certificate that says you own the OG version of a unique digital asset, such as a video or recording. In the case of cheugy, Rasson explained in the NFT listing that "the collector of this 1/1 NFT will own a word," also adding, "I thought it would be very cheugy to create The Cheugy NFT." The auction was a success, with an anonymous buyer purchasing the word "cheugy" for 0.1101 ETH ($451.65) on May 10.

If you think that cheugy being sold as an NFT is just about the most 2021 thing ever (and also some big cheug energy), you're not the only one. Twitter users from across the country are pointing out how cheugy it is that cheugy was sold, though some shared that they would've also taken advantage of the opportunity to sell the word. To see the range of reactions, check out these tweets about cheugy being sold.

There were some users that totally understood the move to sell cheugy as an NFT. After all, plenty of digital trends are being sold at high prices.

Others pointed out how cheugy selling the word cheugy is.

Cheugy as an NFT is undoubtedly peak 2021.

So many people are wondering the same thing: Is cheugy over yet?

Cheugy being sold may just inspire people to start selling other popular terms as NFTs.

With the recent NFT sale, it's not clear if cheugy is here to stay, but it's definitely worth a lot more than it was a week ago.

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