hese Tweets About Harry Styles Breaking The Calm App Are NOT Calm.

Harry Styles Read A Bedtime Story On The Calm App & Stylers Are NOT Calm

Karwai Tang/WireImage/Getty Images

On Wednesday, July 8, the collaboration of the year happened: Harry Styles and the meditation app Calm teamed up to drop the most fire bedtime story ever. The thought of Styles reading a bedtime story as Stylers drift off to sleep was enough for fans to sign up for a subscription, but less than 24 hours later, the app seemingly crashed due to overwhelming demand. These tweets about Harry Styles' breaking the Calm app are anything but calm.

Ahead of the release, Calm teased Styles would be joining the app with a cryptic tweet of a watermelon emoji. Fans guessed it had something to do with Styles because of his single "Watermelon Sugar," which has been rising on the Billboard Hot 100 this summer. Celebrities like LeBron James, Laura Dern, Matthew McConaughey, Kelly Rowland, and Lucy Liu have recorded stories for the app in the past, so it wasn't a stretch think Styles was next.

Calm then confirmed the collab on July 6, revealing Styles was going to read a story called "Dream With Me." As if fans weren't excited enough, the app gave them the intro to the singer's recording. Hearing "Hi, I'm Harry Styles" was all fans needed to convince them to give Calm a try.

When his story finally hit the app, fans gushed it was everything they wanted and more. Styles' "Dream With Me" is a 30-minute story, during which he takes listeners on a journey through a forest, in a cozy cabin, and to the ocean to watch a sunset.

However, just a few hours after the story became available, the app stopped working for a lot of fans, who think they crashed it as a result of so many of them wanting to listen to Styles' "Dream With Me."

Luckily, it started working again, and fans thanked Styles for giving them the best sleep ever.

If you're a fan of Styles, grab your best pair of headphones and listen to the story for yourself, because according to Twitter, it's the bedtime story of fans' dreams.