Fans Are Airing Their Petty Grievances To Chrissy On Twitter For The Best Reason

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Chrissy's Court is taking over Twitter. After the first look at Chrissy Teigen's upcoming Quibi show aired on Wednesday, March 25, Teigen took to social media to tease more of what fans can expect — aka, a variety of petty and nonsensical arguments between friends, couples, family, and more. These tweets about Chrissy's Court will have you in tears laughing.

Chrissy's Court is already pure gold and it hasn't even hit Quibi yet (but be sure to tune into it in April). In the show, Teigen will act as a judge taking on a real-life small claims case. In each episode, she'll deliver her witty remarks and banter with the court's bailiff, who just so happens to be her hilarious mom, Pepper Thai. Teigen will then use her best judgement to decide which way each trial will go.

Teigen clearly couldn't wait until April to share her newfound courtroom skills, so she took to Twitter to settle some extremely trivial disputes. Tensions are at an all-time high for many, as people living together are currently self-quarantined in their homes due to the coronavirus pandemic, and it showed in the tweets Teigen received.

But first, check out the trailer:

Teigen encouraged her followers to join in on the fun, tweeting: "I'll be settling all your petty *ss disputes. use this time to get your case together and tag me, your honorable judge, with your case using #ChrissysCourt." And the tweets did not disappoint.

Check out some of the best Chrissy's Court tweets below along with Teigen's epic responses.

There is no doubt Chrissy's Court is going to be entertaining, and if these tweets are any indication of the cases Teigen is going to be solving, it's sure to be quality TV.

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