People Crushing On Old School Cartoon Characters On Twitter Will Make You Say, “Same”


It's no secret that people who grew up during the '90s have a soft spot in their hearts for the movies (and the characters in them) from that era. If you had the hots for The Little Mermaid's Prince Eric or thought that Captain Li Shang could show everyone a thing or two about getting down to business, you're not alone — as evidenced from these tweets about childhood cartoon character crushes. This Twitter thread about the hottest animated characters has everyone remembering their childhood crushes, and it'll give you serious nostalgia.

On Tuesday, May 21, Twitter user and author Jenna Guillaume got the conversation rolling when she started reminiscing about some on-screen hotties, namely the animated characters that dominated our TV screens back in the '90s, in response to a prompt from DC's Birds of Prey writer Gail Simone. As weird as it can be to crush on someone who's a cartoon (let alone the weirdness of catching feelings for an anthropomorphic character like Simba from Lion King or the foxy Robin Hood), the Twitterverse turned out to let Guillaume know that she's definitely not alone. If you grew up during Disney's golden era or watched a lot of '90s animated movies, chances are that you had a thing for a character who only existed on your screen.

Guillaume began the thread by nominating her No. 1 crush, aka the dark haired, blue eyed prince from The Little Mermaid. However you feel about the 1989 film and Ariel's actions today, it's impossible to deny that Prince Eric is an absolute stud.

"Alright let's talk about Cartoon Guys Who Can Get It," she tweeted. "I've been a thirsty b*tch all my life. My #1stCartoonCrush was Prince Eric. The dark hair, the blue eyes, the dimples, the COLLARBONE???! Four-year-old me was in love."

The What I Like About Me author then went down a list that's honestly way too relatable, and the thread — which showcases GIFs of her choices, you know, in case you needed a visual reminder — is bound to get you feeling some type of way.

In addition to several leading men from Disney films, she also showcased several starring characters from other '90s cartoon and animated movies like The Swan Princess and Anastasia. Sorry, not sorry, but Dimitri was the OG misunderstood bad boy with a heart of gold.

Considering that some of these beloved characters were the very first crushes of people who grew up during the '90s and beyond, the Twitterverse quickly chimed in with suggestions of their own while applauding Guillaume's choices.

Who needs real men when you've got these animated studs to set the bar? The Twitter thread is still trending on the social media platform as of publication, so if you think Guillaume missed someone in her round-up of the finest animated characters of all time, make sure to let her know by adding your own crush (and a heart-melting GIF, of course) in the comments.