These Tweets about Cardi B in Uber Eats' Super Bowl ad are hype for the outfit swaps.

Twitter Is Living For Cardi B's "Excellent!" 'Wayne's World' Cameo In This Super Bowl Ad

Cardi B is making an appearance on Wayne's World for Uber Eats' first Super Bowl commercial, and fans are losing it over her cameo. In the ad, Cardi B unexpectedly joins Wayne and Garth (aka Mike Myers and Dana Carvey) from the cult classic '90s flick to promote eating from local restaurants. TBH, she totally goes for it, and these tweets about Cardi B in Uber Eats' Super Bowl ad are hyping her comedy chops in the hilarious spot.

Uber Eats released its Super Bowl ad on YouTube on Wednesday, Feb. 3, and it features one minute of Wayne, Garth, and Cardi B. The unexpected trio is one of the many marketing ploys Wayne and Garth say they would never use to shamelessly manipulate viewers. LOL. To get you pumped to eat local with Uber Eats, the local access stars air some not-so-subtle subliminal messages, including showing off "mini" Wayne and Garth babies. The biggest surprise, though, is that Cardi B is on the show.

When Cardi shows up, she echoes the message to eat local and gets Wayne and Garth in on the outfit-swapping TikTok trend — Cardi dons a Garth outfit, and Carvey and Meyers hop into Cardi B's green, feathery dress. For their final act, Cardi joins the guys in a song — "Local eats! Wayne's World! Double time! Excellent!" — which is a take on their trademark Wayne's World tune, and of course Cardi adds her signature tongue roll at the end. You can see the full ad below:

Unsurprisingly, fans were immediately hype for Cardi's appearance.

Some fans are feeling inspired to listen to the advice:

Others are loving her outfit swap:

One person says the Super Bowl commercials are basically done now:

Cardi B is also excited about the spot. In a quote emailed to Elite Daily form Uber Eats, the rapper shared, "Y'all know I love to eat, and right now we have got to be supporting our local restaurants — like The Griddle Cafe in LA. So many spots are struggling right now, and it's up to us to EAT LOCAL! That’s why I teamed up with Uber Eats and my boys Wayne [and] Garth to help."

Uber Eats' Eat Local campaign will support local restaurants for the next six months by committing $20 million and inspiring customers to order from their local favorites by offering free delivery, as well as offering a donation button to help support restaurants monetarily. To get it, you can tap the "Local Eats" button in the Uber Eats iOS or the Android app, which should appear first on the list of categories.

You can even score free delivery for your Super Bowl eats on Sunday, Jan. 7 if you order local, and, of course, you can watch the Uber Eats ad when it airs on Sunday, Feb. 7 at 6:30 p.m. ET on CBS, the CBS Sports' website, or the CBS Sports App — excellent!