Twitter Can't Handle The 'Queer Eye' Episode Where Antoni Meets A Corgi


Can you believe? Netflix's feel-good makeover show Queer Eye returned for its fourth season on July 19, and fans are already raving about the Fab Five's new adventures. While every episode is pretty much guaranteed to make an impression on viewers, there are still those moments in each season that shine even brighter than the rest. One scene in the new season that has already become a hit among fans is in Episode 3 when Antoni hilariously freaks out over meeting Oscar, the adorable corgi owned by the episode's hero. LET'S SIMPLIFY THIS: One scene in the new season has already become a big hit. In Episode 3, Antoni hilariously freaks out over meeting Oscar, the hero's adorable corgi. And these tweets about Antoni and the corgi on Queer Eye illustrate just how amazing the interaction was.

There are a few things Queer Eye megafans know to be true about the Fab Five: Jonathan Van Ness is an avid figure skater, Tan France can rock a French tuck, and Antoni Porowski loves, loves, loves corgis. As he told Washingtonian magazine:

... they have the most beautiful faces, they just exude kindness. And then their butts! It’s like have you ever seen a brioche loaf? Brioche is a French bread that’s kind of like a challah but it’s a little sweeter, has a little yellow gold coating on the outside, and that’s what a corgi is, they have these little butts that shake. They’re fluffy and they’re gorgeous.

Antoni got the treat of his life in Season 4 Episode 3 of Queer Eye, when he and the rest of the Fab Five went to the home of their newest project, John Stoner. As his costars greeted their new hero, Antoni had a full-on meltdown at the sight of Stoner's dog, Oscar.

Upon entering the home, Antoni immediately honed in on Oscar's presence, yelling, "Oh my gosh" about five times while his eyes grew to the size of saucers.

"No one told me that there was gonna be a corgi," he told the camera, wearing an elated smile I thought he only reserved for new avocado recipes.

Fans on Twitter could not get enough of his slightly maniacal but also pure-as-heck reaction.

In addition to the moment being totally adorable, people are also calling it relatable AF.

If you didn't think the love at first sight between Antoni and Oscar could get any better, think again. Throughout the episode, viewers got the treat of seeing their favorite fabulous food connoisseur walking through the house with the pup in his arms. It looks like they're buds for life.

Already, fans are calling the Antoni-Oscar lovefest one of the best parts of Season 4, which is saying a lot, considering all the sweet, hilarious, and empowering moments that have become hallmarks of the show.

I totally get why Twitter has gone, well, atwitter over this scene. Corgis are cute. Antoni is cute. Please, Queer Eye, keep giving fans more of both. They clearly need it.

Queer Eye Season 4 is now streaming on Netflix.