Twitter Erupted When Andy Cohen Showed Up On 'Riverdale' & We're Here For It


Riverdale got a celebrity visitor this week, and yeah; it felt pretty random. Wednesday night's new episode, entitled "Primary Colors," kicked off with an appearance by none other than Bravo's snarky talk show host, Andy Cohen. Though Cohen only stuck around for a few minutes, his part on the show made a big impression among viewers. Right after the new episode started, Twitter was flooded with tweets about Andy Cohen on Riverdale. Check out some of the funniest reactions to Riverdale's first celebrity visitor below.

On the show, Andy Cohen went full method to play the complex role of... Andy Cohen. Yes, the talk show host and Real Housewives mastermind brought a dose of reality to the CW's hilariously unrealistic teen drama by playing himself, marking the first time that an actual IRL celebrity has popped up on the series as him or her self. Cohen popped by the Lodge household in order to show his support for Hermione Lodge's mayoral campaign. Apparently, the Lodges have a long-lasting friendship with Cohen, and it was Veronica's idea to invite him over during Hermione's interview with Hal Cooper so that her buddy Kevin could meet one of his favorite celebs.

Andy Cohen's quick cameo became a hilarious talking point for Riverdale fans online. See some of the best responses to the Bravo star's surprise appearance below:

Although Andy Cohen skipped town right after a quick soundbite stating how much he supports Hermione Lodge (which is probably a good thing considering how many people die in this town), his name actually did stick around and reappear later in the episode. When Veronica was trying to convince Watch What Happens Live superfan Josie to support her bid for student council president, she offered up an appearance on Cohen's talk show in exchange for a public endorsement.

That was actually kind of confusing to me — like, is Josie actually famous enough to be a guest on Watch What Happens Live? Would viewers in this Riverdale universe all know who she is? And if she is that famous then how does she keep a low profile and only performs at small local events? Maybe she could be, like, the bartender on an episode... but even they are semi-well known-ish usually. Also Josie is supposedly only about 16 years old, so she couldn't actually be the show's bartender... although I guess the bartenders on WWHL don't really serve the drinks, right? Okay, whatever, I guess that's not what we are here to talk about.

In the end, Josie's anger over the Lodges blackmailing her mom out of her position as mayor was stronger than her love of Andy Cohen, and the Pussycats lead singer secretly sabotaged Veronica's campaign by telling Ethel Muggs (back in the foreground to remind everyone of her vendetta against the Lodge family) all of Veronica's lies.

As the episode drew to an end, the politics in the town of Riverdale began heating up even more. On the adult side of things, Fred Andrews was able to extricate himself from his business affairs with the Lodges, freeing him up to go forward with his plan to run for mayor against Hermione Lodge. Obviously, that race is going to be a really tricky one for Archie, who is going to have to choose between his dad and the family that he just made a blood oath with. On the teen side, it's another tricky political situation for Archie, as Jughead reveals that he is planning on running for student body president against Veronica, and also steals Betty away as his running-mate.

Politics really does tear everything apart, huh? I think what everyone really needs is to go sit on Andy Cohen's couch, have a few drinks, and sort everything out there.