These Tweets About "Adulting In 5 Words Or Less" Are A Huge Mood

Chris McGrath/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Unless you're one of the few people in this world that has their life totally figured out, being an adult is hard. Adulthood involves so many bills for things you didn't even think about as a kid, mysterious new pain in parts of your body that were totally fine before, and slower bounce-back rates from a night out — and, for the most part, people on Twitter seem to agree. These tweets about "Adulting in 5 Words or Less" are honestly so relatable.

On Saturday, June 22, the hashtag #AdultingIn5WordsOrLess began trending on Twitter. A Twitter moment called "What's the very definition of being an adult?" described the hashtag by saying it showed "people ... sharing their concise impressions of adulthood under the title of #AdultingIn5WordsOrLess." Many of the tweets, as you can imagine if you've been adulting for a while yourself, were about being confused, tired, over-stimulated, broke, or just resigned to the current situation at hand, like having to eat cereal for dinner. A small handful of tweets focused on the positives of adulting, too. For example, Twitter user @ShadowBanJan wrote, "#AdultingIn5WordsOrLess Plus side: I can drink!" TBH, if you think about it, being 21 years or older is definitely a big perk of adulting that everyone wanted as kids but may take for granted now. Of course, adulting means drinking responsibly, too.

Other Twitter users mentioned some of the woes of adulthood. Twitter user @30something805, for example, wrote, "I'm tired and everything hurts," and Twitter user @well_i_am_the_b echoed the sentiment, choosing the five words: "Crying. Stressing. Sleeping. Working. Crying."

Other Twitter users focused on the woes of employment that arise in adulthood. Although, I'm sure people are grateful to at least have a job to complain about in the first place. Twitter user @Kkaylita's five words were, "Per my last email Karen," a common workplace message many people have sent when a co-worker wasn't paying attention or missed the point of a previous email. Twitter user @Anextiomarus shared another five workplace-related words, writing, "Meeting could've been an email."

There were also quite a few bedtime related tweets which makes sense because sleep can be nonexistent or tricky in adulthood.

But my favorite #AdultingIn5WordsOrLess tweets were the ones that asked general questions about adulthood that everyone wants to know, and they revealed that at the end of the day, no one actually knows what they're doing. Some of these questions people tweeted included: "Do I eat or cry?" "How do you make friends?" "Is it nearly Payday yet?" "Can we go to Target?"

This isn't the first time this hashtag has trended. Back in 2017, #AdultingIn5Words was trending on Twitter and people's responses were pretty much identical. Some tweets that took over the 2017 iteration of the hashtag included complaints about laundry, confusion that everything seems so expensive, an obsession with coffee saving the day, and eating dessert before dinner.

Though many of these tweets remind adults about some of the growing pains you incur as you get older (literally and figuratively), they also remind you that you're not the only one who struggles with the daily grind. Besides, in the words of Twitter user @Brooksbelle, "Nobody knows what they're doing."