'The Little Mermaid Live' Tweets

Twitter Is Flipping Out Over ABC's 'The Little Mermaid Live'


For the last few years, live TV musicals have become something of a staple. ABC's The Little Mermaid Live is the latest entry into the TV musical canon, but it's taken the format and turned it on its fin. Instead of featuring only live performances, the broadcast is made up of a combination of dialogue scenes the original animated movie and live musical numbers. This unique hybrid show is getting a lot of attention from fans, and these tweets about The Little Mermaid Live prove it.

Fans of both Disney and Broadway musicals can find things to enjoy in The Little Mermaid Live, since it includes scenes from the movie and musical numbers from the Broadway production. That combo is giving audiences the best of both worlds and creating one really magical under-the-sea experience. Fans were especially excited to see Amber Riley take the stage as The Emcee and to see a cast of diverse mermaids float around the theater. But, of course, Ariel is the star of the show. Audiences were super excited to see her played by Auli'i Cravalho, who's known for providing the voice for the titular character in Disney's Moana. Right from the start of the show, fans took to Twitter to share their excitement about The Little Mermaid Live.

Fans got really excited about the whole cast of The Little Mermaid Live, including Graham Phillips as Prince Eric, John Stamos as Louie, and Queen Latifah as Ursula. In fact, some fans are even wondering if the stars of The Little Mermaid Live should also get cast in the upcoming Little Mermaid film. Even Max, Eric's dog, got a shout-out from some fans, which is very well-deserved, considering what a good pup they were for the whole show.

Of course, fans aren't happy about every single character in The Little Mermaid Live. Some fans think the Flounder puppet could have used a little bit of a glow-up.

To all those former Disney babies who grew up to be live-tweeters, this was your time to shine, and you definitely did not fail.