These 'The Masked Singer' Theories Will Hold You Over Until Next Week's Episode


When Fox's new singing competition series The Masked Singer first debuted last week, viewers only got to see half of the 12 contestants show off their singing skills and (more importantly) drop a bunch of clues about which unexpected superstar is under each mask. But now that the second episode has aired, we have finally met every single contestant. That also means that Twitter fans have agreed on the best guesses for every contestant on the show. Not sure who's under what mask? These The Masked Singer theories will totally convince you about each contestant's true identity.

Before we go through each of the 12 contestants one by one, there are a few basic rules about The Masked Singer guessing game that should be made clear. First of all, fans should not expect anyone super-famous to be under a mask. While the concept of the show is exciting, at the end of the day The Masked Singer is still a weekly Fox reality show, so the best guesses should take into consideration the level of celebrity who might compete on a show like Dancing with the Stars. Secondly, going off that first rule, viewers can pretty much ignore the judges altogether. The four judges have thrown out preposterously big names like Lady Gaga, Beyoncé, and even Barack Obama as guesses over the past two weeks, and almost always seem to be off-base.

Also, two contestants have already been revealed following their eliminations. The Hippo was Pittsburgh Steelers star Antonio Brown and the Pineapple was revealed to be comedian Tommy Chong.

With that in mind, let's get into the unmaskings:

1. The Rabbit — JC Chasez

The Rabbit wowed the crowd on this Wednesday's new episode of The Masked Singer, and it seemed very clear that it was not his first time performing on stage. The clues in his video heavily suggest that he was the member of a former boy band, more specifically NSYNC (he mentions "SYNChronized" singing as his forte and quotes the band's hit song "It's Gonna Be Me"). The final clue that drives the JC Chasez guess home is the fact that the Rabbit performs in a straight jacket. Chasez himself wore a straight jacket on the cover of his only solo record, 2004's Schizophrenic.

2. The Alien — La Toya Jackson

The Alien revealed that she is from a famous family, has multiple sisters, and is sick of being controlled. Some fans were quick to bring up one of the Kardashian-Jenners or Hadids as guesses, but the most likely choice is actually La Toya Jackson. La Toya is no stranger to reality competition shows, has her own singing career, and the emphasis on the word "control" in her clue packet definitely seems to be hinting at her sister Janet's hit album and song Control.

3. The Raven — Ricki Lake

The Raven was one of the easiest contestants to figure out of the night. She revealed that she once had her own talk show, and also that she suffered a tragic loss of her beloved. Of course, Ricki Lake had her own hit talk show, and she also sadly lost her husband to suicide in 2017.

4. The Poodle — Margaret Cho

The Poodle is a little more difficult to guess, but chances are that it is comedian Margaret Cho under that mask. In the clues video, the Poodle mentions being from San Francisco, her love of exercising free speech, and hints at LGBTQ+ activism. That all adds up to Margaret Cho.

5. The Bee — Gladys Knight

The Bee's identity is another one that seems pretty clear. Her clues video mentions that she is looking forward to singing for a new generation, and she revealed to the judges that she began singing in the '50s. Most tellingly, her video mentions that people can call her "empress." Gladys Knight was often famously referred to as the Empress of Soul, and began her singing career on a TV singing contest in 1952.

6. The Monster — T-Pain

The Monster revealed that he was a at the top of his game a while ago, but has taken a step back from the spotlight in recent years. Most tellingly, though, he admitted to the judges that not everyone considers him a professional singer. That last clue seems to point to T-Pain, the mid-2000s singer often credited with popularizing heavy auto-tune.

7. The Lion — Rumer Willis

The Lion was one of the first performers to really impress everyone with her singing chops, and her clues only add to the intrigue. She says that she is considered Hollywood royalty and her family has lots of women in it. These clues also spawned a bunch of Kardashian-Jenner guesses, but it seems more likely that the Lion is Rumer Willis. Willis has famous parents, her only siblings are two sisters, and she has shown off her singing voice often before, most recently on fellow Fox show Empire.

8. The Unicorn — Tori Spelling

The Unicorn hints that she grew up in Beverly Hills, but despite her dream of singing, has always been denied her passion. This could point to a number of socialites who have dabbled in music, but the real kicker came when the Unicorn revealed that one of her nicknames is "bird." In Japanese, the word for "bird" is pronounced "tori," which was enough for most viewers to be convinced Tori Spelling is under the unicorn mask.

9. The Peacock — Donny Osmond

Probably the most obvious contestant from the first episode of The Masked Singer was the Peacock. His clues video is filled with references to Las Vegas and showmanship, while also giving a glimpse into the era he was at the height of his fame by mentioning mothers of today used to have photos of him on their wall. The biggest tell, though, is the fact that he was close friends with Michael Jackson, pointing clearly to Donny Osmond.

10. The Deer — Terry Bradshaw

Although The Masked Singer disguises the speaking voices of their contestants, the Deer's southern drawl was immediately noticeable. The biggest clue in his video was yelling "Ravens, beware!" before coming to the stage, clearly pointing to someone associated with the Baltimore Ravens' longtime rival the Pittsburgh Steelers. Everything seems to point to Steelers legend Terry Bradshaw.