These Videos Of Dogs Doing The Snoot Challenge Are Almost Too Cute To Handle

If you know literally anything about me, you're probably well aware of the fact that I love a good dog video every once in a while (er, like once every 10 minutes, if I'm being completely honest). Anyway, if you, too, are a dog vid aficionado, you've most likely already seen a few examples of the latest (and straight-up cutest) trend, called the Snoot Challenge. If you haven't, though, these Snoot Challenge videos are probably the cutest thing you'll ever see in your entire life. I am so serious right now: they are 100 percent guaranteed to brighten up your day.

The Snoot Challenge started popping up on social in August 2018, and Twitter featured the bravest, softest, and cuddliest puppers taking part in the challenge on its Moments page on Thursday, Aug. 23. If you're not well versed in the realm of dog videos, a "snoot" refers to the dog's snout, and in the challenge, the pup's owner will hold out something that conforms to a circular formation, whether it be their hands, fingers, or even bread. Then, they'll record their dogs sticking their snooter right into it. When the doggo does it right, your heart will literally skip eight beats, and when the dog doesn't know what they're supposed to do, it's just plain endearing.

First, let's take a look at all the pups who were successful with the Snoot Challenge. Somehow, they seem to know exactly what they're supposed to do when they see their humans holding up their hands in a circle or holding up a circular object, and my biggest question is: How do they know exactly what they are supposed to do?! When these wise puppers see their humans making a circle with their hands, they instinctively know that they're supposed to nose-dive right into it. If I'm being totally real with y'all, it's hands down one of the best internet trends I've seen all year.

Other doggos, on the other hand, are not quite sure what they're supposed to do when they see their humans holding out something in a circular formation. Some of these pups are tempted to chomp on the snout-sized circles, many are inclined to kiss their humans faces, and others even decide to attack it. There are a lot of failed Snoot Challenge videos out there, and TBH, they're basically just as cute as the successful ones. Check them out below.

Some people have even attempted the Snoot Challenge with non-puppers, but let's face it: there's nothing like a good, old-fashioned dog snoot. Nevertheless, these "alternative" Snoot Challenges are so, so cute, and you'll definitely want to check them out.

While keeping up with the news and trends can be extremely exhausting, I'm elated that the Snoot Challenge is sweeping the nation right now.

It's also come around at the perfect time, considering that National Dog Day is on Sunday, Aug. 26. Oh, and if you want to treat your doggo in honor of the holiday, you can score them a free "Pupcake" at Sprinkles bakery throughout the weekend on Aug. 25 and 26. That sweet treat should get any pup's snout ready for the Snoot Challenge.

The only thing holding me back from personally recording one of my own is the fact that I'm not a dog owner yet. Regardless, I could watch Twitter's recordings of Snoot Challenges for hours at a time. They're so pure and heart-warming, and honestly, this is might even be the closest thing we'll ever get to world peace.