People Are Tweeting #SignsYoureMarriedToASpy & TBH, These Are Suspicious AF

by Candice Jalili
20th Century Fox

People these days are so quick to come to the conclusion that their partners are cheating on them. Your girlfriend lied about going to lunch with a friend? Cheating! Your boyfriend got lunch with an ex? CHEATER. Your wife has a mysterious hotel charge on your credit card bill this month? ADULTERESS. But, you guys, what if there were another option we're all overlooking here. What if your significant other is just acting all shady and weird because they're actually a spy! Sound crazy? Well, people are posting tweets about #SignsYoureMarriedToASpy, and trust me, they will make you think.

I mean, did you ever consider that maybe your girlfriend lied about going to lunch with her friend because she was ACTUALLY going on a secret mission to the Ukraine for the day? Did you ever think that maybe your boyfriend was getting lunch with his ex because she had access to some top-secret, classified information he needs to crack a case he was assigned to? Did you ever stop to think that maybe your wife was staying at that random hotel so she could keep a close eye on her target who was also staying there? YEP, DIDN'T THINK SO.

Once the hashtag #SignsYoureMarriedToASpy began trending on Twitter, people all over began tweeting their suspicions, and oh, man, people really delivered. After reading the tweets below, all of your questions about why your partner has been acting so strange lately might just click. So read along and prepare to become totally convinced your partner is actually a spy.

They might be a little too good at role play.

Their texts self-destruct before you're even done reading them. (Rude.)

Oh, and so does their mail.

They scoff in the face of passwords.

You need to scan your eyeballs just to go to bed.

They get all sensitive when you ask them casual questions.

They always have cash, no matter what country you're in.

They're in way too good of shape for their job title.

Their face has changed a million times since you first met.

They know way too much about the latest trends in spy glasses.

Everywhere you go, the same song seems to be playing.

If a sniper comes at you, you're chilling because they know how to save the day.

Driving with them is always an adventure, to say the least.

Their toothbrush explodes, but it's just another day in the life to them.

They're never actually taking that trip to "visit their sister."

They get super weird about how they introduce you to people.

They wear sunglasses even when they're not hungover or outside.

Even your grocery lists are written in disappearing ink (which is not very helpful).

No matter how many knives you throw at them, they always catch them.

Their watch does more than tell the time.

Their Christmas wish list is... unusual, to say the least.

They're very well traveled.

Dirty talk is only used to get incriminating information on you.

Their ATM pin is a dead giveaway.

They have the same go-to drink has James Bond.

He buys "household items" you clearly don't need.

He watches Bond movies like a doctor watching Grey's Anatomy.

Your wedding dance was different than most.

He's always talking on his shoe phone.

OK, now, time for you to print this out, keep it somewhere your spy spouse will never find it (LOL, good luck with that part), and try to do some of your own spy work to figure out their real identity.

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